Infant with plastered mouth deserves justice now


Baby Yohannes Noval

Baby Yohannes Noval

What is taking so long for justice to be dispensed in the case of a helpless infant whose mouth was found medically taped by his parents for the senseless and idiotic reason that the baby was often hungry and crying too loud?

Now who are the parents that would not react seething with anger and disbelief, and to think that this happened in a hospital nursery where understanding, love and care for the newborns are of utmost consideration.

This is the story of Johannes Noval who was born last May 3 at the Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House Inc., but continued to be confined at the nursery because of an infection incurred upon birth.

The parents, Ryan and Jasmine Noval, like any other couple who had had this experience, had to return to the hospital so the mother could breastfeed her son.

But what happened when they return on May 9th not only startled them, but made them froth with anger upon seeing their son’s mouth taped while asleep at the nursery.

Agitated at what they have seen, the Novals started asking questions only to be told by a nurse that their son was always crying loud and asking for milk.

Now, what does the poor infant know? Surely, he was having/feeling discomfort of some kind, but what can a 6-day old baby do?

When was plastering a baby’s mouth used and made a humane way by nurses in quieting a crying and hungry baby?

Unless the nurse who did it was sick in the head, any normal person, perhaps even the illiterate, will consider such an act as hideous and definitely a violation of a child’s right.

It was reported that the sadistic nurse, whoever she is, even suggested that the parents could remove the plaster from their son’s mouth, but fearing the consequence they opted that it was the responsibility of the nurse to take it out, which the nurse did.

What the parents expected and feared happen when upon removing the plaster, a bit of skin from the boy’s lips stuck on the tape, causing the child to cry.

What a pity!

What the parents simply want now is justice for their son by way of an investigation into this bestial and sickening case by a proper body to crack down on this malpractice in the said establishment.

The Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House Inc. administration and staff could not even issue an apology and on the contrary is giving the Noval couple a hard time.

Now I heard that the hospital management has already hired a legal counsel not only to be their mouthpiece, but also attend to the complaint filed by the Noval couple.

What, a lawyer to defend a glaring malpractice generally condemned by many, including the social media?

Is this how cheap lawyers have become now?


3 comments on “Infant with plastered mouth deserves justice now

  1. That’s absolutely crazy. That nurse should have her own mouth taped, too. I volunteer.

    • quierosaber says:

      You are absolutely right and you know what? None of the hospital personnel are now admitting that they taped the baby’s mouth.

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