Vietnamese daring outrage over China’s oil rig

oil rigI describe the Vietnamese outrage over China’s positioning of its $1 billion rig inside Vietnam’s claimed backyard as daring because you just don’t fight a nation having both military and economic might and expect to win.

Nevertheless, I take off my hat for the courageous and undaunted stand that some Vietnamese took in protecting their territorial integrity defined by the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) that resulted to China ordering their citizens to evacuate and sending Chinese vessels to retrieve more of them from harm’s way.

The unrest coming out from the anti-Chinese protest went out of control, to the dismay of the Vietnamese government, but a clear message has been sent to China that they just can’t claim the whole of the South China Sea simply because it bears the name South China.

I am sure the Vietnamese government is apprehensive as to what form the backlash would be to their country by China considering that the outraged over Beijing’s decision to send an oil rig into waters claimed by Vietnam as theirs resulted to death and injuries of Chinese citizens and lose of property.
But then again what matters most is that a statement has been made by some patriotic people and hope that the international community supports Vietnam.

Could the same thing happen in the Philippines? Could our rabid activists that are ferociously barking all the time at American military presence in the country turn the other way now and start getting more furiously incensed against the Chinese activities in our territorial waters?

No, I am not inciting that they burn Chinese establishments because more than ever they are already Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) establishments. It’s like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Why not make a heroic stand instead by bringing their bellyaching and protest on board a vessel and sailing it right where the bullying Chinese are deemed to be encroaching in our own territory? Then I will have my hat also doffing for them.

The irony of it all is that the Chinese government will continue doing what pleases them anywhere in the South China Sea without fear of being antagonized because they know we are weak and undeveloped even as America inactively and futilely keeps on chanting that China’s move is “provocative” and the UN rendered helpless.

We are all held hostage by China’s hegemony and lust for natural resources found in the sea, under the sea and in dry land.

That is the short and long of it.


2 comments on “Vietnamese daring outrage over China’s oil rig

  1. penpowersong says:

    The Chinese think that the whole world is dependent on them, that is how arrogant they have become. The Vietnamese outrage was a clear show that they do not give a damn if China will pull out all their investments in their country. I admire the Vietnamese for their stance, very far from what the Philippines is doing – all talk, none done. It is as if Filipinos will die if those toothpicks from China will be pulled out from sidewalk stands and mall shops. Kudos to the Vietnamese…shame to the leaders of the Filipinos!

    • quierosaber says:

      Unlike many of our protests participated by old and toothless demonstrators, the ones in Vietnam were really composed of young, determined, and committed patriots.

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