Cebu psychologist invited to speak in International Summit


Dr. Angie with chronically ill children at the National Children Hospital in Quezon City.

Dr. Angie with chronically ill children at the National Children Hospital in Quezon City.

An invitation has been extended to Dr. Angie Sievert-Fernandez, a Counseling Psychologist and the Child Life Program Manager of Kythe Foundation Inc., not only as a lone delegate from the country, but also as a panel presenter in The State of International Pediatric Psychosocial Services, an invitational International Summit, that will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on May 25 – 27, 2014.

Having been acknowledged and recognized for her passion and success in advocating for and supporting Child Life Programs in various affiliate hospitals around the country when she was invited last year by the Organization for Pediatric Support in South Africa (OPSSA) to speak in the first interdisciplinary Academic Conference on the Holistic Support of Children in Healthcare, Dr. Angie, as she is known, will present about Child Life in the Philippines, and on the subject “Aspiring to Expand Psychosocial Care Beyond a Hospital to National or System Scope”. She is expected to share about the current state of pediatric psychosocial care in the country, as well as, moving beyond the hospital setting and providing psychosocial care to children and families in the community or national level.

The goal of the Child Life Program is to help address the psychosocial needs of pediatric chronically ill patients. Specifically, it focuses in helping children cope with the stress and anxiety of their healthcare experiences, as well as, to promote their continued development – physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively – even while hospitalized.

After the summit , Dr. Angie will go to Memphis, Tennessee to observe the state’s Child Life Program from June 1, 2014 through June 14, 2014. She is a recipient of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital International Visitor Education Program (IVEP). As an observer, she will attend clinics, rounds and formal conferences.

Dr. Angie is a Certified Child Life Specialist having passed the exams given by the Child Life Council in the USA last year. She is also a psychologist at the Pain Clinics of St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, Taguig and Manila Doctor’s Hospital.

Dr. Angie finished her BS Psychology (cum laude) at the University of San Carlos in 1996. She completed her Masters in Family Life and Child Development at UP Diliman in 2001 and earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in De La Salle University in 2011.



4 comments on “Cebu psychologist invited to speak in International Summit

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks. Not really focused yet, but will see how it goes. Was hoping things will get better in this country, but it is even confusing now. Makes me want to give it up, but I need an outlet to blow off steam.

  1. I had to do a double take and am so happy to see you’re back! Welcome back!

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks. Been up and about really a week after the surgery driving the car for rehab. Just had 15 days (alternate) reporting to rehab session but am doing it at home now. I feel I can do the exercises at home and have the same result. I can walk now without limping and I can’t believe how straight the leg now with my new knee. Anyway, I couldn’t concentrate sitting down and writing earlier as the gnawing pain persisted, as it still does sometimes. Will see.

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