History repeating itself after EDSA revolution

edsaMore than restoring democracy to the country and handing back the freedom to the Filipinos that were taken away forcibly from them during the authoritarian and repressive Marcos regime, the essence of the EDSA revolution, more popularly known now as the People Power revolution, was more about how we drove away not only a despot, but also a corrupt leader with an equally odious wife.

People all over the world were awed at the way we did it – peacefully, collectively and decisively.

Indeed, we made history for soon after other nations having problems with their leaders emulated our kind of people power revolution to topple the miscreants.

We, Filipinos, had high hopes that after we showed the world our courage and determination to oust a powerful dictator, that we were all learning a hard lesson and doing it because we wanted to have a respectable country and a better future for its people.

A crucial change was needed in governance, in our leaders and public official, and in ourselves.

Alas, we have found out that, to this day, we never really learned a lesson from the 1986 historic and poignant drama we all participated, and worst yet, we seem to have developed amnesia about who were those we booted out during that fateful event, and the injustices and plunder they have committed against the country and the Filipino people.

We are commemorating the 28th anniversary of the EDSA revolution, yet how much change have we really made in terms of our outlook towards leaders in government and public officials we elect to serve us?

The fact alone that the Marcoses – Imelda, Imee and Bongbong – are back, well entrenched politically, with the latter having dreams of becoming president in the future, could only mean that we ourselves, as people, have never changed at all.

We had had a president whose term in office had been cut short and charged with plunder, only to be pardoned by his successor. Now, he is Manila’s city mayor.

Said successor herself completed her term, but only to be charged with plunder later. Now she is under hospital arrest.

None so far has become another dictator, but the propensity by some to defraud government and enrich themselves, as charged, is there, present.

The same goes with some of our lawmakers in Congress who are accused now in participating in the P10-billion pork barrel scam.

If history seems to be repeating itself after the EDSA revolution, we can only blame ourselves and our absurd inclinations of supporting the infamous, the comedians and the thespians.

We can be heroes if we want to, but we can also find the heels amongst us.


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