Kama, a head-turner of a pig

kamaSharing with you a video of a pig in Hawaii that befriended Kai Holt, when it wandered into his cabana, while camping with his family on the beach.

Holt named the pig Kamapua’a or Kama, for short. A few weeks later they were walking around his backyard pool when Kama fell in.

“I had no idea that pigs could swim,” Holt said.

Since then, they became inseparable as the duo love swimming and surfing together and the pig becoming the darling of the crowd.



2 comments on “Kama, a head-turner of a pig

  1. That was so cute! Hope he doesn’t get too big for the board ūüôā

    • quierosaber says:

      Well, they can always make a bigger board. Or maybe by that time they will find a sponsor willing to enlarge the board. What amazed me though was that the pig is not one of those piggery type pigs but a native one, much the same as those raised in the backyard here, and they don’t normally grow as big.

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