Child euthanasia approved in Belgium


belgiumThis is one report that really breaks my heart.

This is about Belgium becoming the first country in the world to remove any age restrictions on euthanasia.

Euthanasia is the intentional termination of a very sick person’s life by a doctor in order to relieve him or her of their pain and suffering.

The controversial practice, also called “mercy killing,” is being applied to people under the age of 18 in Belgium twelve years after the country legalized euthanasia for adults.

Under the amendments to the country’s 2002 euthanasia law, a child now of any age can be helped to die, but only under strict conditions. He or she must be terminally ill, close to death, and deemed to be suffering beyond any medical help. The child must be able to request euthanasia themselves and demonstrate they fully understand their choice. The request will then be assessed by teams of doctors, psychologists and other care-givers before a final decision is made with approval of the parents.

An open letter signed by more than 100 pediatricians said there is no urgent need for this law, and argued that modern medicine is capable of alleviating pain. Doctors said extending the “right to die” to minors will only add to the stress and pain of families at a difficult time.


I understand if adults opt to give up their lives.

But, do we have to treat the kids the same way – grant them the right to die?

I feel so badly about this development in Belgium because I have a daughter, Dr. Angie Sievert-Fernandez, who is very much involve in pain management among cancer-stricken children, making sure that the patients are being attended to by talking and/or playing games with them, making them laugh and enjoy whatever is left of their lives,  so they could cope up with the suffering  they are having before death claims them. (Please go to this link:, to know more about the organization she is connected with that cares for some terminally ill children.)

I am also including another link:, which contains a video that the Belgian parliament could have looked into before deciding that mercy killing should also be applied to children.They could have learned something from us – a third world country.

This Belgian law is simply indifferent and inhumane, as it is also despicable.


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