A kiss gets jewel thief arrested


kiss1This is a story of a robbery gone awry.

Everything went well with the plan when two masked men in Paris reportedly followed a 56-year old jewelry store employee to her apartment and forcibly got themselves in and tied her to a chair.

They then poured what they said was petrol over the woman’s head and threatened to ignite it if she did not tell them the codes for the alarm in her jewelry shop.

The hostage talked, and while one stood guard, the other headed to the store, swiping what he could – jewels and cash.

Four hours later, the thief returned to the apartment with the loot and they then untied the woman.

The one who stood guard, perhaps, feeling either amorous or compassion, planted a kiss on her cheek.

This is when their criminal act gone awry.

After the criminals left, the woman immediately called the police and gave them a detailed account of her ordeal, including the stolen kiss.

DNA evidence was taken from the victim’s cheek by forensic scientists and they were able to create a genetic profile of their suspect, who admitted the deed, and said he had kissed the woman to “ease her trauma.”

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