Miriam should leave Lacson alone


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and Rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and Rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson

While every concerned Filipino should appreciate the advice Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has given about how we should be voting and what we should be looking in a presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2016 elections, her motive, however, is disgusting.

Disgusting, because instead of being just objective about it, she got carried away by her emotions and her emotions got the better of her when she went on to take a pot shot at her political nemesis, former Sen. Panfilo Lacson, now Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery or more known as “rehabilitation czar.”

Why can’t Miriam leave Lacson alone, especially at this time when so much has to be done in terms of rebuilding structures and rehabilitating lives of people after the destruction wrought by killer typhoon Yolanda?

When we should be supporting and edifying people that are task in this enormous undertaking of post-Yolanda reconstruction, here comes Miriam doing quite the contrary.

Is Miriam threatened by the people’s total acceptance of Lacson as rehabilitation czar and the possibility that he will succeed in his job, while stumping corruption along the way, thus, making him a potential presidential timber in 2016?

“As partners in crime, none of them deserve to be president or vice-president. The Filipino people have seen through their masks, and these clowns should stop current efforts at further pretense, such as being called ‘czar,’ when the person is only a presidential assistant,” Miriam said.

Sounds very much like Miriam, alright – inconsiderate, spiteful and arrogant.

Except for her uncalled for and untimely attack on Lacson, Miriam made a justifiable prediction and lucid statements that I can only agree with her, like, the following:

“For sure, those who were linked to the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) fund controversies will not win in 2016.”

“I dare to hope and predict that any incumbent public official who runs for national public office in 2016, will lose in the elections, if the Ombudsman charges him with plunder or malversation, in connection with the pork barrel scam, and/or in connection with what appears to be the impeachment scam.”

“To find a new leader, we have to look for a person with the important attributes of leadership, such as individual style and competencies; problem solving; effective communication, passion; and courage. At an individual level, the candidate should possess: general cognitive ability, crystallized cognitive ability; modification; and personality.”

Since the preceding statements were delivered, when Miriam was invited as the keynote speaker at the opening ceremonies of the 40th Annual Convention of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, Inc., then she just had to sound like she was a member of the association herself.


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