The continuing sad fate of Bonita Baran


The disfigured face of Bonita Baran.

The disfigured face of Bonita Baran.

Not having heard of Bonita Baran anymore, the househelp who, sometime in the middle of last year, came out in the open accusing her employers of maltreatment, I thought her life was going to change for the better despite the sad fate she had with the brutish couple, Reynold and Anna Liza Marzan.

Apparently her star-crossed fate continues as it has been recently reported that her right eye was removed before Christmas.

The doctor who performed the operation said he had to remove the eye because there were already dead tissues causing her pain and discomfort and that there was danger that it might damage her left eye, too.

In the meantime, an implant was inserted to maintain the shape of an eyeball plus a conformer for protection in preparation for the placement of an eye prosthesis or artificial eye.

It must be remembered that Baran was hired by the Marzans in 2007 and the former’s ‘calvary’ is said to have started in 2008. Because tell tale signs of the maltreatment were evident, the couple conspired to hid Baran from the public by forcibly detaining her inside their home and even locking her up inside a dark toilet from June 2009 to May 2012.

The alleged maltreatment ranged from strangling her neck, burning her nose with a hot iron and pouring cold water or bleach on her burns and wounds.

It must also be remembered that Sen. Jinggoy Estrada took the cudgels for Baran during his privilege speech denouncing the inhuman treatment the helper got from her employers and was even brought to the Senate floor for the senators to see the disfigured Baran (

The alleged abusive treatment ranged from strangling her neck, burning her nose with a hot iron and pouring cold water or bleach on her burns and wounds.

Annaliza would allegedly punch Baran’s eyes, which eventually caused blindness in the right eye and dimming sight in the other.

It is 2014 now and one can only wonder what has happened to the maltreatment case filed by Baran, through the Public Attorney’s Office, before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court?

Is the court waiting for Baran to lose her remaining, yet questionable, eyesight before the court decides on the verdict of the case that will give justice to Baran’s ill-fated life?


4 comments on “The continuing sad fate of Bonita Baran

  1. This is really sad. Are the Marzans free on bail then while this poor woman has to wait till the court system decides on bringing her case to court when she loses everything else? Such cases should be brought to court right away, but instead, we allow it to wallow in red tape probably hoping that Baran will simply go away.

    • quierosaber says:

      Suffice to say that the senators themselves were just grandstanding. Not wishing, but inevitable that somewhere down the line karmic justice will get the Marzans. This is even dreadful.

  2. penpowersong says:

    That is the sad state of our system in totality….justice, financial, trade, agricultural, etc. What else can we expect? Of course, the archiving of the graft cases related to the napoles scandal, the continuing corruption in the handling of funds for the disaster victims, the continuing release of budgets for anomalous projects, more vote buying during election, sky-rocketing of prices that will emphasize poverty in the Philippines, more exploitation from basic services providers, and more….there will be no end to the list. I can only sigh…as I breath out a sympathetic word or two, the only things I can afford as an ordinary Juan.

    • quierosaber says:

      I cannot agree with you more..but, unlike you, I can’t help but let out expletives. You know as I grow older the more I see the letters of the word HOPE getting smaller. Just frustrating!

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