Puppy learning to howl can be cute and funny


If babies imitate the sound of parents talking with their own ‘baby-speak’, then there is no difference at all with puppies trying to imitate what their masters teach them to do.

I am sharing with you a cute, yet funny, video of Belka, a three-week-old Alaskan malamute-Siberian husky, sitting on her young master’s chest, learning to howl, as one of her lessons for the day.

What started to be a chirping sound at first did not discouraged Belka as he continued listening to her master’s repeated howling.

Belka finally got the modulation right and started howling beautifully and with enthusiasm, that she even lifted her nose to the sky while howling as if trying to impress her master.

And impressed the little master was!

Belka lives with her owners at the ‘Polar capital of the world’, in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Belka means ‘squirrel’ in Russian, but while her tiny barks nor newly-learned howling may not scare off a polar bear, yet, she will definitely be a dog to reckon with in the future.


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