Disturbing leadership style of the Binays


The Binays: Jejomar Sr., Junjun, Abigail, Nancy

The Binays: Jejomar Sr., Junjun, Abigail, Nancy

It is bad enough that the Binays exemplify the existence of the stinking political dynasty with patriarch Jejomar as the country’s vice president, daughter Nancy, a senator, another daughter Abigail, a congresswoman representing Makati and son Jejomar Jr, or Junjun to many, is mayor of Makati, but it becomes even worse when position, power and the resultant arrogance defines their leadership style.

Such leadership style has become a controversial issue these days for Makati Mayor Junjun Binay when his convoy, which included his sister, Sen. Nancy Binay, was prevented by the guards on duty from passing through a gate of the exclusive Dasmariñas Village close to midnight of November 30.

Accordingly, the guards were simply following village protocol disallowing anybody, not even high-profile residents, to use this particular gate, at prescribed hours, for safety and security reasons, as the village is also home to the embassies of China, the Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Mexico, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka and Turkey, and the consulates of Oman and Vanuatu.

“The rules apply to everybody,” DVA general manager Mike Bucoy said, and adding further that the subdivision did not have a “VIP policy.”

Bucoy was referring to the village policy prohibiting the exit of vehicles from the gate after 10 p.m.

The guard’s insistence of standing pat to the policy apparently did not sit well with Mayor Binay, who, thereafter, reportedly called for police assistance to have the guards arrested.

Whether the guards knew Mayor Binay or not should not have been the source of his ire and retribution against the hapless guards, for the orders around this plush village, I presume, are very specific – no special treatments.

For the mayor to be asking the guards, “Kilala ba ninyo ako? (Do you know me?), as some sources have quoted, is not only a show of utter arrogance, but is tantamount, in fact, to bullying already, knowing who he is and the power he wields.

What is disturbing, if not dismaying here, is that Nancy, the senator, who happens to live in the village, kept mum instead of advising/warning his brother, the mayor, about the strict rules and regulations inside the village and that nobody is exempted from it.

Television host Solita “Winnie” Collas-Monsod was right when she said: “The guards were correct… And Mayor Binay was obviously wrong. He was taking advantage of his position and trying to be above the law. And anything that goes above the law is wrong.”

Apparently, this is not the first time that this “don’t you know me syndrome” was used by Mayor Binay.

Reports say that an incident, which resulted to an altercation when a foreign national parked his car ahead of Binay’s at the same parking space they were both eyeing at, also pricked the mayor’s ego prompting him to ask the foreigner: “Don’t you know me? I own this city.”

What arrogance!

Now comes Jejomar Sr. defending Jejomar Jr. against the censure/flak his mayor-son is receiving from the public regarding his actions in this controversy, saying his son deserved “some courtesy.”


Since when has arrogance been deserving of courtesy?

Jejomar Jr., the way he has been acting, does not deserve to be mayor.

Jejomar Sr. should know this is the kind of leadership style by national and local officials that is bane for the country.



4 comments on “Disturbing leadership style of the Binays

  1. The arrogance of the Binays is sky high and indeed a very disturbing kind of leadership!
    And VP Binay is eyeing for presidential, seat in 2016! How can he lead the country one day if by simple instruction his children cannot follow??? That’s his children alone, how much more the country! How disgusting!

    • quierosaber says:

      That is true. Please read Penpowersong comment above for better substantiation. It will even be more disgusting when people will still vote for him in 2016 – knowing who he really is.

  2. penpowersong says:

    Here is my experience as regards the Binay syndrome: The VP Binay was still the mayor of Makati then. One time, there was a simple occasion confined in a small area at SM Mega Mall. I was the host. I was standing within the small area waiting for the guests to arrive. While doing so, men in short sleeved barong arrived (about 6 of them). Two of them shooed me away from the area. When I asked why, one of them said: dapat malinis ang area kasi darating na mamaya lang si mayor (Binay). I was dumbfounded. I cooly told the guy that I was the host of the occasion. He did not even apologize.He just gave me a steely look. Many will agree with me for sure that among the government officials, VP Binay has the most number of bodyguards, it is not Enrile as Sen. Mirriam alleges. Among the government officials, I THINK, the Binays have the MOST NUMBER OF FOUNDATIONS and NGOs being supported. Bago pa lang pumutok ang napoes issue, alam na ng lahat na maraming mga ganito sa Makati, kaya active na ang mga programa para sa mga senior citizens na may cake pa tuwing birthday, etc.. Pero sabi naman ng iba…mas marami ang mga iyan….mas marami ang “pinagkakagastusan”…mas marami ang “natutulungan”…at importante, mas marami ang mga kuwan…hindi tanga ang mga tao…sa simpleng kwentang wan plas wan ekwals tu!

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks for sharing this information. I just have the feeling that these people are so sensitive with their looks, size and color of their skin that they do everything in their power, in including the show of arrogance, making sure that they be respected and idolized. Why they continue to be insecure, despite attaining their respective positions in government, really puzzles me.

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