Severed hand saved by grafting it first to ankle


hand2Scary looking medical procedure which you think could only come from the basement workshop of the likes of Dr. Frankenstein, but a severed hand grafted to the victim’s ankle first was saved to have it reattached where it rightfully belong, later.

This strange procedure that also happened in China is just as bizarre as the one whose replacement nose was made to grow first on the patient’s forehead -(

What happened this time is that Xiao Wei, a Chinese factory worker in Changde, Hunan Province, had his right hand accidentally cut off at the wrist and his arm crushed by a machine while at work.

The condition of his arm was so bad that doctors could not reattach the severed hand to the arm right away.

What the doctors did instead was kept the hand alive by stitching it to Wei’s left ankle just so the arteries in the leg can also supply blood to the hand.

Severed limbs can be saved if their blood supply is restored within several hours of their amputation, depending on the circumstances.

According to reports, Xiao is recuperating after his hand has been re-attached to his arm a month after the accident. Doctors said he will need to undergo several further surgeries and rehabilitation therapy to regain full use of his arm and hand.


4 comments on “Severed hand saved by grafting it first to ankle

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    It makes sense but it was creepy to see the picture at first and wonder ‘something’s wrong with this picture.’

    • quierosaber says:

      Had to read the story why the hand was ‘bolted’ to the guy’s foot. It just didn’t look right coupling the two extremities! I mean, for what reason? These Chinese guys doesn’t stop amazing me, really!

      • It makes sense to attach it there because the hand can keep getting blood from the blood vessels in the leg. Weird, but makes sense 🙂

        If anything I think it buys the man some time till the arm heals or they figure out what to do about the portion of the arm that they couldn’t save.

      • quierosaber says:

        Exactly what they did before restoring it.

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