China woman dies of new bird flu virus


virusIt has been reported and confirmed by Chinese health officials that a 73-year-old woman from the southeastern city of Nanchang has died of a type of bird flu virus identified as H10N8  that has never before been detected in humans.

Experts, however, downplayed the fears that it could mutate to become more easily transmissible, describing the virus’s transmitability as “limited and non-sustainable”.

According to Jiangxi provincial health officials the woman in Nanchang was admitted to the hospital after suffering from severe pneumonia and died of respiratory failure and shock.

She was said to have visited a local live poultry market before succumbing to the virus, it added.

People who have been in close contact with the woman have not shown any signs of illness so far, it said.

Before H10N8, an outbreak of H7N9 bird flu has infected at least 139 people on the mainland and resulted in 45 deaths, but fatalities have dropped significantly since the end of June.

Other cases of H7N9 infection were also reported in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but not of alarming proportion.


2 comments on “China woman dies of new bird flu virus

  1. I hope this is an isolated incident.

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