China’s hostile declaration and action

Disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.

Disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.

In response to Japan’s assertiveness over the three islands known as Senkaku, which the government purchased from a private Japanese landowner  in the East China Sea in September 2012, China has also stepped up its assertion over the same islands known to them as Diaoyu, which Beijing claim as theirs based on historical facts – what ever that means.

The same arrogance, aggressiveness and historical facts are being demonstrated by China in their claim of the whole of the South China Sea, to the consternation of most of the nation members of the ASEAN, including the Philippines.

But, while we and the rest of our regional neighbors continue to be victims of China’s intransigence and lay at the mercy of this giant nation’s military power, which is catching up fast with the greatest at the moment, the U.S., Japan, however, is facing up to the challenge as it has intensified sea patrols and even threatened to shoot down Chinese drones flying over the disputed islands.

air defenseIt was, perhaps, based on this exasperating scenario that China, in wanting to prove that they are in fact the legal claimant of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, has raised up the ante and went on to publicly declare that it had imposed an “air defense identification zone” over part of the East China Sea that includes the disputed and uninhabited islands.

The Chinese Defense Ministry even warned that any noncommercial aircraft entering the zone would need to submit flight plans in advance and maintain radio contact with Chinese authorities or else face unspecified “defensive emergency measures.”

Could you believe that?

From regional, China became an international bully, overnight!

For how else could China’s declaration and action be interpreted, when the haughtily established air defense zone was not merely meant for Japan alone, but the world community?

If China thought it was serious in their intents, the more that Japan and the U.S. showed their opposition by not acknowledging the zone. They were soon joined by South Korea and Taiwan, both allies of the U.S., which rejected it also.

Not only that. China also deployed its aircraft carrier,  escorted by two missile destroyers and two missile frigates, to the disputed area in the South China Sea after announcing its plan of its maritime airspace defense zone.

On the pretext that the aircraft carrier, Liaoning, will carry out “scientific research, tests and military drills”, it is actually more like making a statement to the whole world, in general, and to the contesting ASEAN nation members, in particular, to stay away from meddling.

And so, if China thought that it has strengthened its claim or position over the major portion of the East China Sea that includes the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, because of its warning to noncommercial aircraft from entering the zone, then they were in for a huge surprise.

B-52 bomber

B-52 bomber

The surprise was so huge, in fact, that the Chinese seemed stunned and was not able to react, as they said they would, when, in less than 48 hours later, the U.S., in defiance, ordered two long-range B-52 bombers to take off from Guam and fly in the disputed no-fly zone airspace in the East China Sea.

What made the purpose of defiance more determined is that the warplanes spent about an hour in the disputed zone before returning to the U.S. territory in the Pacific.

According to Pentagon officials, the flights were intended to send a clear message to Beijing that Washington would not permit China to restrict freedom of movement in international airspace or waterways.

This statement is very encouraging, indeed, especially for those in the South China Sea region, whose territorial claims are based on what the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) says.

China’s hostile declaration and action in the East China Sea over the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands has provided the U.S. a perfect opportunity to, once more, reassure its Asian allies of its support and commitment in maintaining stability in the Asia-Pacific region.


4 comments on “China’s hostile declaration and action

  1. jess says:

    Very well emphasized, Sir. As if I have nothing more to say about this self-claimed dragon nation which is china. We have nothing to worry about china’s hidden agendum to rule the world. It’s claim that “in the long run, china will win’ will never happen.

    China was not mentioned in the deep mystery of the future. United States of America and the original ten nations Europe were written in advance 2000 years plus ago to rule the world and China as we feared it would but not.

    No, it’s not the case. China’s vast foot armies will trod and trample underfoot their enemies in a number of countries in mainland Asia. China would try but would not succeed. China, as a great nation, is intrinsically weak, would do her ambition to control the world but never to succeed.

    No more nation on Earth after America (U.S) was given much power and greatness to police our world by safeguarding the freedom being cherished by the people of all democratic sovereigns of the world . The U.S, by its very character would never succumb to this chinese regime of communism! There is that unseen power up there, in Greek word “tartarus” that use china’s regime as pawn for his personal agenda in this world.

    So, there is nothing to fear about china’s arrogance and hostile character. Events like these are just momentary. Those who are ignorant will be afraid but those who are with the eyes of the future will become wise.

    • quierosaber says:

      We will see what happens next if and when China will also declare an air defense identification zone in the South China Sea. Am sure it is forthcoming. If they have done it in the ECS, doing it in the SCS is much easier. I really want to see how this power play gets resolved. Thanks for your insights.

      • jess says:

        That’s the prize the Philippines would get later after demanding independence from the U.S by virtue of Tydings-McDuffie law. The late President Manuel L. Quezon said that “We want the Philippines run like hell by the Filipinos than it is run like heaven by the foreigners (referring to the U.S)”. So, when we were invaded by foreign forces before who was this power that redeemed us from military occupation and massive death? Who brought teachers here to educate us? Who introduced democracy here in the Philippines? Who provided weapons to defend our homeland? The U.S.

        Now, we are again caught in quagmire with foreign power – the Chinese occupation of our territory, the panatag shoal and some islands in the spratlys, to whom again we look for military alliance? Again, the U.S. Our Filipino leaders lack political will and indecisive in putting ahead our country in times of relative peace on a stable geopolitical map in this region.

        We need Filipino Napoleon Bonaparte to get rid of all incompetent and corrupt national leaders of this great nation.

        To preclude the hostile declaration of ADIZ in the west Philippine Sea by the Chinese power-thirsty communists leaders, to the disadvantage of our corrupt and incompetent government leaders and officials, there must be some Filipino lawmakers to lobby in the U.S congress to recall that Tydings-McDuffie law that granted us Independence that we were not entitled to it. The Chinese do not have respect to us filipinos, to be honest. Only to the U.S the Chinese bow down their heads. The Philippines were once a U.S territory right after the signing of the Treaty of Paris for a consideration paid to the Spanish crown.

        Once that Tydings-McDuffie law declared void by U.S congress, the Philippines again becomes a U.S territory reverting back to its former status from 1898 to 1960 back then. Let us see if the Chinese can stay there in Panatag shoal and the spratlys and if they can declare their so-called ADIZ. This is the solution I see to counter permanently chinese aggressiveness in the West Philippine sea.

        The Philippines can not stand on her feet, just like England during Hitler’s time, without political, diplomatic, economic, and military alliance with the “Two-horn lamb-like beast that came out of the earth” in the Bible literally referring to the U.S. – a world superpower. Superpower country, particularly the U.S, even need alliances to get stronger, how much more the Philippines, a militarily weak in hardware and technology country? We need the U.S., more better if the Philippines be a territory again of the U.S.

      • quierosaber says:

        One mistake after another and politicians led by Estrada thought that driving them out will make it easier for us to solve our own problems. Well, it could have but for as long as the politicians cum lawmakers are the problem – their being corrupt – we will never amount to anything, much less becoming a strong nation. Wishful thinking it has been. Singapore does not have the resources that we have but they have honest, selfless and determined leaders who made sure that despite its size they will be respected and strong. Alas, we can never have that caliber of leadership in this country. Look who we have for senators and congressman representing the people in this country, and presidents for that matter. We could start from there. There is no wonder then that we have remained weak and even weaker now as a nation. Our defense capabilities are really shut and unexpected events like China waking up and bullying everybody, us included in particular, had made us so helpless that it has become so pathetic thinking about it. Shameful now that we have to beg and hang on to the coattails of America, but that is reality. We never learn and we always end up swallowing our pride – a false pride in the first place.

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