Cricket noise made to sound like God’s choral group


cricketMost of us have probably seen a cricket, an insect related to grasshoppers and the katydids. If not, the most we know about them is the chorus of noise they emit, or so we think it is.

Crickets are just about an inch in length, have great vision and compound eyes that can see in many different directions at once. Their wings are usually too small to allow them to fly, but if they are male cricket, it is used to make a chirping song instead.

So, the seemingly chirping sound is not noise after all, but a song. Male wings have ridges that act like a “comb and file” instrument.

What you are about to hear is the slowed down recording of what otherwise is a normal chirping song rendered by the crickets, and what an amazing transformation it has become!

 Close your eyes, if you may, and concentrate.

 It simply sounds like God’s choral group!


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