Napoles’ denials and Yolanda’s fury

Janet Lim-Napoles

Janet Lim-Napoles

The dates November 7 and 8, 2013 will be remembered by many as the days of abomination and devastation, respectively.

As much as the country wanted to hear from Janet Lim-Napoles bare the truth about the alleged P10 billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam during her first attendance in the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing on the 7th, if only to enliven the dismaying mode of the Filipinos towards some members of congress, what the people got instead was more disillusionment and frustration as Napoles failed to satisfy the expectations of the citizenry.

Napoles was peppered with questions, cajoled to tell the truth, been asked to name Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile as the most guilty so she could still save herself, and even bluntly warned that she could be murdered for destroying people’s name and reputation, but all these went to no avail.

Her expressions, both facial and oral, were so repulsive, yet convincing, that you would know she was denying and lying through her teeth by playing dumb, amnesiac or parroting her right against self-incrimination.

Indeed, it was a sad day for the nation.

I could not agree more with some senators suggesting that perjury charges be filed against Napoles for brazenly lying under oath and be thrown to a regular jail instead of being treated like a special detainee confined in a special detention camp.

Super Typhoon Yolanda (intrnational name Haiyan) heading towards Eastern Visayas in the Philippines.

Super Typhoon Yolanda (intrnational name Haiyan) heading towards Eastern Visayas in the Philippines.

As disheartening as the Senate proceeding was, the nation was also, at the same time, disturbed and terrified at the on-rushing Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) that was to make landfalls in the Eastern Visayas region.

It just did that on the 8th, barreling its way towards Guiuan, in Eastern Samar, and Leyte, thence to the municipality of Daanbantayan and Bantayan Island on the northern island of Cebu and onwards to Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Romblon, Semirara Island, the southern part of Mindoro Island, continuing its path to the West Philippine Sea, but not before leaving in its wake enormous destruction and lose of lives, especially in Tacloban City, in Leyte.

A Super Typhoon is the equivalent of a strong Category 4 or 5 hurricane in the Atlantic, or a Category 5 severe tropical cyclone in the Australian basin.

With winds of up to 315 kilometers per hour (195 miles per hour), and gusts of 380 kph (235 mph), Yolanda/Haiyan is thought to be the strongest tropical cyclone ever to make landfall anywhere in the world in recorded history.

Sad, though, that as dead bodies of people and animals were seen strewn everywhere and assistance was being extended to the victims by the local governments and good Samaritans, there have been reports of lawlessness with Tacloban residents looting commercial establishments.

Yolanda’s fury is showing the best and worst of some ordinary Filipinos, as is always the case even among the wealthy politicians of this country.

Very saddening, too, indeed.

What relates the Napoles’ denials and Yolanda’s fury to one another that makes it more sickening and revolting to the populace is that at a time when the spirit is low, bewildered, miserable and lost, and when our so-called public servants – our country’s congressmen and senators – could have pooled together their PDAF allocations instead of scandalously squandering it, they could have shown a ray of hope to the victims of utmost disasters, like those in Bohol and more recently in Tacloban, that there is readily help coming to recover and rehabilitate their lives and rebuild the places wrecked havoc by the natural forces.

Alas, with the PDAF and even the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the president in question and under investigation because of the scam it has created, there is more concern and anxiety harbored by the residents of the stricken places.

We have finally come to realize now how important and utile the funding of government are, but how worthless it becomes, when and if left in the hands of unscrupulous leaders, lawmakers and politicians.


3 comments on “Napoles’ denials and Yolanda’s fury

  1. penpowersong says:

    Si Janet Lim- Napoles

    Ni Apolinario Villalobos

    Noong araw na ang Senado ay binisita
    Ng isang ginang na ang buhok ay nakapusod
    May wari’y ngiti sa isang sulok ng labi
    At tinging diretso na para sa iba’y astig
    Sa bulung-bulungan, gusali’y halos nayanig.

    Siya si Janet Lim Napoles, taga- Zamboanga
    Na ang buhay ay makulay, parang inspirasyon
    Sa murang gulang, sumuong sa hirap ng buhay
    Kahi’t ang inabot lamang ay mataas na paaralan
    Pinakitang upang yumaman, maraming paraan.

    Subali’t ang bantayog ng pagkatao nang lumaon
    Unti-unting nagkalamat sa pag-usad ng panahon
    Hindi nakuntento sa lumalagong legal na negosyo
    Sa kagustuhang laliman pa ang nilulublubang yaman
    Napagdiskitahan pati pinag-iingatang kaban ng bayan.

    Kung magpalabas ng perang pandulas sa mga opisyal
    Ang milyones kung ituring niya ay parang barya lang
    Kung gumastos ng perang malinaw na hindi naman kanya
    Wari mo’y nagdidilig ng mga halaman sa lupang tigang –
    Mga mambabatas na ang kaluluwa’y maitim at halang!

    Noong araw na siya nga ay dumating sa gusali ng senado
    Tumigil ang orasan, lahat ay excited, tutok sat tv at radyo
    Subali’t nang siya’y magsimulang sumagot sa mga katanungan
    Lahat ay nadismaya, nagtaas ng kilay, maraming napamura
    Sabi kasi, “di ko alam”, “I invoke…”, at “ewan ko sa kanila”.

    Siya si Janet Lim-Napoles, may ngiting aso, tingin ay astig
    May matatag na kalooban, high school graduate at matalino
    Nagkamal ng pera ng bayan, nanloko ng mga mamamayan
    May nagpapalakas daw ng loob, sa pader ay nakasandal yata
    Kinilala ni Miriam, ayaw kong banggitin, pero siya’y matanda!

  2. penpowersong says:

    Strong Faith in God
    And Resilience of the Filipino

    By Apolinario Villalobos

    In the face of adversities the Filipino has always been strong, steely willed and resilient. It is this supple personality that makes him live up to any condition after a catastrophe. His unquestionable faith in God is the vigor that makes him move on and hurdle the rest of hindrances along the way.

    No man-made or natural catastrophe can ever make the Filipino turn his back from God. For him, all these are just trials to make his faith stronger. He knows that God will never give him a challenge that he cannot muster. He knows that all these are the proverbial litters of stones and thorns along the way of his journey to the waiting arms of the Lord.

    Life is beautiful. But everything in the universe has its end. To prepare himself for this, the Filipino has even shown greater faith in God by becoming more aware of His presence. Religious movements are on the rise. Humble prayers for mercy have grown louder. The Filipino can be likened to Tobit and Job, Biblical characters whose lives were full of challenges to test their faith.

    God manifests his consolations in mysterious and unexpected ways. It could be His way of showing His love to the Filipino as a people. The Filipino is not materially rich compared to others but is considered as among the most beautiful people on the earth and most hardworking, too. His country is splintered into hundreds of islands, but aesthetically endowed. The Filipino easily smiles and has the temerity of converting a scandal into a lighter matter worthy of a good laugh, without losing its serious color.

    God has chosen a people in the past, as the Bible says. At this time of misfortunes, He must have chosen a new one – the Filipino. This could be his way of showing the world how His creatures should act.

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