Nepalese “bird brother” eyes for world record


crow1One can simply examine the famous Guinness Book of World Records and discover different feats man has accomplished deserving recognition and a place among the greats in the book.

Gautam Sapkota, a 30-year-old Nepalese, is one such person that hopes to see his name mentioned in the book of extra-ordinary achievers for no less a feat than being able to imitate the sounds of 251 kinds of birds.

One such act of Sapkota that mesmerized the crowd was when he stepped on top of a small stage with a microphone and imitated the cawing of a crow.

Amazement showed in the faces of the crowd, when minutes later, hundreds of noisy crows circled above him, perched on trees and sat on roof tops, seemingly making it a “crow conference” of sort.

As suddenly as the birds appeared noisily, all of a sudden it quieted and flew away into the darkening sky.

Sapkota, better known as “charidada” or “bird brother” later explained that the sounds he made mimicking the crows was for the birds “to come, sit, be quite and fly away.”

The act in the capital of Kathmandu coincided with the Hindu festival of crows, which are revered as messengers from heaven and envoys of Baliraja, the king of death.

Beyond the bird’s religious significance, they are more known as scavengers that help to keep the environment clean, and this is the awareness that Sapkota wants instilled in the minds of people so the birds could be protected.

“These important birds are dying fast because of the use of poison to kill insects and rodents on which they feed,” said Sushila Chatterjee Nepali, chief of the group Bird Conservation Nepal.

While Sapkota left a mark on the crowd, it still remains to be seen whether or not his feat is enough to land him in the Guinness Book of World Records in the future.

Sapkota says he plans to broaden his conservation message with an album that remixes Nepali songs with the sound of a crane.

“I want to preserve the sounds of birds which may eventually become extinct, by keeping them in recordings,” he said.


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