4 comments on “Denials of thievery from president and senators make people suspects

  1. jess says:

    Under the rules on evidence in criminal procedures, if the person who is the subject/s of criminal or administrative information, would not vehemently deny the charges hurled against him, the court would take cognizance of his action by interpreting it against his innocence – that is, an implied admission of guilt. There are two mandatory requirements to convict the accused: a) moral certainty, and; b) incontrovertible body of evidence (corpus delicti). The enemy of the accused in the cases are the 91 million people of the Philippines not just Benhur Luy, Sula, and others.

    By nature, man is manipulative. So, manipulation is always a tool that each power-thirsty, greedy, and corrupt politicians have been using. Should I mention the names?

    Now, in fairness of the president P-noy, ( I am not a pro-P-noy, I did not vote for him, I voted for Villar), we see his works in just a short period of his term. A lot accomplishments have been done compare to the wasted 27 years of marcos dictatorship, 6 years of Cory – (understandable, it was a transition period,) 6 years of FVR, 3 years HIRAP under Erap, 9 years of GMA – the “most evil president” according to Neri – former SSS chairman. With these presidents I mentioned, no one ever stood-up and pointed a finger against China except P-noy who defended our national sovereignty and patrimony in west Philippine sea! Not even that so-called general who became president during 1992 presidential election by cheating the feisty lady senator who would become a Judge in the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

    Head of State, the president of our republic in particular, is being put in the Balance with his works and if found wanting the Filipino people would judge him by dethroning/removing him from Malacanang palace by way of legal process of impeachment or worst and painful, by violence of revolution. Rule of law should always prevail so that powerful Filipino people should not get angry and exercise its unusual power without visiting their Constitution. Sovereignty resides in the Filipino people, in us. All power belong to us. No people, no government. A democratic form government must be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    Now, talking about DAF, under the constitution the president has the discretion about funds under his disposal. I said in my third paragraph that every president with his works for the Filipino people is being put in the Balance and if found wanting he will answer to the us not to the opposition. This is applicable to all corrupt government officials. The people placed you there in power, in the reins of government so they should dispense their powers with judiciousness and intact integrity!

    The guilty shall eat the fruits of his evil works.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thank you for taking some time in explaining all of these and more. Very informative and educational for none lawyers. How I wish more readers could chance upon your comments and realize what it is that some have failed to grasp. I am especially referring to your third paragraph. Overall I like your realistic and sensible rationalization of things. Surely appreciate your thoughts and fair-minded opinion.

  2. penpowersong says:

    Aquino made wrong statements. He is not being accused of stealing. The people in his care are. His use of “we” in his speech is a clear indication of his continued protection of these people. It is as simple as that. When will the president be more analytical?

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