The Marcos greed continues

Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

I have written about the dictator Marcos – his unscrupulousness, his wickedness, and his being the precursor of what is evil among our politicians cum public servants today.

Now I am writing about Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr’s greed – his involvement in the multi-billion PDAF scam and looking at both of them I can’t help but entertain thoughts that, indeed, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Truly, he is a chip off the old block.

I am sure all Filipinos were hoping that with their return and reentry into politics that the Marcoses would have learned their lesson for being exiled, have made amends of their mistakes, and felt the need to serve the people in a selfless and incorruptible manner this time around.

Alas, our collective hopes (collective stupidity?) for them to be magnanimous has come to naught as once again the people have become victims of the son’s greed.

Note that Bongbong Marcos was earlier reported by the COA to have endorsed in 2012 P100 million of his pork-barrel allocation to Napoles’ dummy NGOs—Ginintuang Alay sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc. (P5 million), Agricultura para sa Magbubukid Foundation Inc. (P25 million), Kaupdanan para sa Mangunguma Foundation Inc. (P25 million) and Agri and Economic Program for Farmers Foundation Inc. (P45 million) through the National Livelihood Development Corp.

Although Marcos has been denying involvement in the PDAF scam, claiming that his signatures have been forged in all of the transactions where his pork barrels were said to have been channeled into, a recent report coming out in the national paper, however, confirms otherwise.

It says that documents have been obtained identifying a certain Catherine Mae “Maya” Santos as the conduit between Marcos and detained businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles in routing millions of pesos in government funds to bogus foundations and ghost livelihood projects.

Santos originally worked as a Senate staff officer of Sen. Loren Legarda and was able to get appointed as an officer of the National Anti-Poverty Commission and the Department of Agriculture during the second term of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Santos has since moved to the office of Marcos while continuing to provide support to Legarda under the Aquino administration. Legarda admitted to knowing Santos but claimed that “she is not my staff and is never authorized to handle any PDAF.”

In 2011 after Santos moved to the Senate office of Marcos as his officer in charge, Masaganang Ani para sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc. (Mamfi) received P24.25 million for livelihood projects in Davao del Sur and Davao Oriental supposedly endorsed by the senator.

The transaction was submitted by Mamfi, one of the nongovernment organizations (NGOs) controlled by Napoles, in a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that year, according to an affidavit by Marina Sula, a former employee of the businesswoman, submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation.

Sula and another whistle-blower, Merlina Suñas, revealed in affidavits submitted to the NBI that Santos was Napoles’ go-between in the offices of Marcos and Sen. Loren Legarda.

The reason why I am stating the salient points of the report here is to call attention on the people that never should we trust a Marcos again to lead this country.

Note that the namesake son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos has ambitions to run for the presidency of this country sometime in the future.

Marcos Sr, during his presidency, screwed us real good holding the nation hostage with his military rule while plundering and leaving the nation rat poor.

Marcos Jr, even as a senator, is starting to defraud the nation with the poor being disadvantaged the most and showing no compunction.

We need the son to be president like we need a hole in our heads.


24 comments on “The Marcos greed continues

  1. Corap Aquino says:

    I think you are stupid! That 100M came from DAP, and DAP was created by who? Yeah! that’s right! it’s the admin of Noynoy! They created that pra siraan si Marcos. None of what you are saying matters to us anyway.

    • quierosaber says:

      Rather be stupid with conviction than an unprincipled ass-kisser which you are exposing yourself to be with the pseudonym you are using.

    • nashingun says:

      You are a rather dumb fool to even accuse Aquino of corruption base on DAP. You don’t even understand that DAP is a legal system provided by the Law, but you want to twist the situation accusing the President instead for corruption. Just what kind of a dull person are you? Remember, the DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATION PROGRAM is NOT CORRUPTION MORON! It’s those who misuse it just like how BONGBONG did to his fool! It is the Napoles fake NGOs that is the source and instrument of corruption and not PDAF or DAP. IDIOT!

      • quierosaber says:

        Thanks for taking the cudgels for me. Appreciate your patience. I find it inutile refuting arguments that won’t sink in because they can’t simply accept the truth in their perverted minds.

    • The usual attitude of pro-marcos loyalists, hiding under a pseudonym, no courage to identify themselves, obviously out of shame for the stand, jejeje, Blind as a bat when it comes to the truth, and still chasing the carrots that the marcoses had been dangling in front of them for four decades of marcos autocracy, asa ka pa ba pogi?

      • quierosaber says:

        Thanks. Hope many more people like you will come out and express their disgust making sure this family will never ever rule again.

  2. I still can’t believe these criminals expect everyone to believe the “my signature was forged” alibi. Are we really that stupid? Unfortunately, these criminals think so.

  3. I have followed the news, and as much as i read the different side of the story i ended up in conclusion as propaganda. What about the statement of a certain Luy (staff of J. Napoles) telling it was a forge signature, considering i laugh out loud of the said alibi. and there is this circular that been address to COA from the Marcos camp? Which is which?
    By the way, regarding your apple tree, HE MAY BE HIS FATHER’s SON BUT HE IS NOT HIS FATHER.

    • nashingun says:

      just how much evidence you need in order to convince yourself… These are witnesses from inside Napoles camp, those that hold real information and how things work underground. So you prefer to listen to Marcos alibi rather than those 3 whistle blowers pointing to Marcos? I thought justice does not excuse anyone. Legarda and Marcos is found among those who had deals with Napoles fake NGO’s PERIOD! It is in the court that these corrupt senators must face to answers those charges.

      I could still remember when the Marcoses made a deal with Arroyo in not pursuing any ill gotten wealth in her time. Can’t you not wonder why Marcos today is involve with Maya Santos? A cabinet member of Gloria Arroyo? Or Pinoys are just stubborn or stupid to see truth from lies.

      • I don’t read any name Marcos on the PDAF issue anymore though the case is still going on!
        Isn’t during the GMA administration had sequestered the highest amount of ill gotten of the Marcoses?
        Some PINOYS are: (from the marcos era )
        Blinded by their hatred
        Moved on

        Where do you belong?

      • quierosaber says:

        Not really. The bulk of the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses remains a bulk and hidden and too complicated to be recovered. It has been all these times an exercise in futility. If ever there has been a semblance of recovery it was simply what the government was able to scrounge to pay for those illegally detained, tortured, executed, etc. I belong to those frustrated that to this day what was ill-gotten remains ill-gotten and even Imelda’s jewelries are kept in vaults and nobody wants to decide what to do with it. I belong to those apprehensive that the return of the Marcoses in the realm of politics is to make sure that what has been illegally taken/stolen will remain with them. After what they have done, they are back exploiting the Filipino people again.

  4. jess says:

    Again? Marcos again? I get sick the moment I heard and read of Marcos surname! In that surname, carries with it the legacy of oppression, corruption, stagnation of this country, poverty, and other evils brought about by improper rule of dictatorship under his father’s aegis. I have been haunted by the bad memories of evil legacies when his parents ruled this country almost 3 decades ago of wasted years of, would-be, Philippines advancement! If those decades were just used and dedicated for the advancement of the Philippines by his parents, this nation would have been at par, even far ahead than our neighbors, with other advanced economies of the world.

    It is needless to elaborate further about the events during that time. Great damage had already been done. Wasted years!

    We should devote now our time in advancing the progress of this country under the present administration by doing something to prevent the namesake of the former fallen dictator from occupying the highest office of the land, that is, the presidency, in the future.

    I could not, sometimes, understand why our fellow Filipinos did not learn lessons from the past under Ferdinand Marcos regime. And they still voted for the son in the Senate. Their family years in national politics should have been gone!

    Good men don’t just sit doing nothing. We should do something to prevent something from happening.

    • quierosaber says:

      I always likened the number of dark years under the Marcos regime to that of raising a child until he/she comes of age. That is how long it is and during all those years we could have really progressed far ahead than the others. Instead we were impoverished. You are exactly right. How I wish people would come to think and realize how bad the father was at the end. People should not even ask about the mother who is back in politics, too, strutting like a peacock, because she is worst in her own right. That some people are saying that the son don’t have the genes of any of the parent totally deserves to be on the psychiatric chair. Thanks again.

      • Yes! I was born during the Marcos era, and i could say I was still young when the the strongman were exiled, too young to know what’s going on, and I grew up during the time when everybody were enjoying the so called FREEDOM of expression which been suppressed during the Marcos regime. Think as I may, for me martial law is scary as hell…
        I’M SEARCHING….and since “you have written about the dictator Marcos, his unscrupulousness, wickedness, etc….” Would it be to much then if you would write his accomplishments too; after all, it wasn’t all dark years during those 2 decades of him for being the tyrant!
        You see, i always wanted to know the other side of the coin..and please, don’t be bias on my very eyes.
        I would be glad for helping me to enlighten my scattered brain.

      • quierosaber says:

        I was a Marcos fanatic when I was in college and he was still a senator at that time. Somewhere in my past blogs I wrote about it. You have to find them. Got so engrossed listening over the radio then at their debates in the senate that there were times I missed school. Unlike today’s senators there is just no comparison to those of Marcos’ days when you had the likes of the Dioknos, Tañadas, Rodrigos, Manglapus’, Lims, Almendras, Salongas and many more outstanding senators of the realm. Am sure these name are strange to you. That time when he bolted the LP and joined the NP was momentous for me listening to his brilliant speech. How I wish there was already TV then. He started well as president. The whole country had high hopes with him at the helm. Somehow he got so drunk with power that he wanted to stay up there for life. It did not do him any good that his wife was just as ambitious and diabolical as he was, and the rest is history.

  5. Fae says:

    Grabe talaga ang Marcos, simula’t sapul mga magnanakaw na!

  6. Monica says:

    I really dont like Bongbong marcos, he’s a marcos, what do we expect?right?

  7. Corazon says:

    Ayoko sa mga Marcos, magnanakaw ang mga yan!!!

  8. Kian says:

    Hindi na nako magtataka kung sumabit si bongbong marcos dito…

  9. Pamela says:

    Sabi na nga ba eh, si Marcos ang kasali sa skandalong ito. tropa sila ni Napoles.

  10. Yula says:

    Marcos isa kang magnanakaw! ibalik ang pera ng bayan!

  11. Ding Abulencia says:

    If hat is the case, what is the Aquino government doing about it. Its their chance to get even with the Marcoses or these are all baseless allegations?

    • quierosaber says:

      It’s not about getting even. It is really more like making sure that documents exist so dots could be connected and not be construed as vengeance.

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