Calamity of the spirit

maribojocAs if the surrounding rubble and the agonizing effects of the monster earthquake that hit Bohol were not enough for the afflicted, who have learned to trust their lives and that of their loves ones to the Lord, now comes an equally monstrous and devastating acts of unscrupulousness that attacks the very core of humanity’s heart with their exploitative behavior in times of distress.

I am talking about the corrupt and heartless among our people, who takes advantage of the tragic event, when the victims are in their most vulnerable state, adding more woes to their already miserable life – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

There are those unscrupulous residents, who are wealthy and whose businesses that cater to the every day needs of the people in the community may have been affected by the quake, but, certainly, were the first ones to bounce back, only to raise the prices of their commodities when they open up again.

We have also the unscrupulous politicians who, in the guise of bringing and distributing relief goods themselves, are actually there for their hidden political agenda and taking advantage to be photographed.

Then, we have the unscrupulous local officials who think highly of themselves, and who believes that any donation/aid, whether cash or in kind, should be handed to them for distribution, instead of the agency/institution doing it for the local officials, as is always the case.

It is along these revolting scenarios of fraud, deception and arrogance that those concerned, whether in the private sector or government, about the victims that should be treated with honesty, respect and decency, be immediately exposed for their immoral and iniquitous deeds so that the victims can be adequately attended to.

Take, for instance, this particular aid controversy happening in badly hit Maribojoc, Bohol, a town of 20,000 people, which is putting their arrogant mayor on the spot.

red crossIt was reported that the contingent of the Red Cross got on the nerves of the mayor and was asked to leave the town simply because the famed humanitarian agency refused to hand over their aid to the local authorities.

Can you believe that?

How arrogant can the mayor get, saying, that the Red Cross, instead of helping, has disrupted Maribojoc’s aid distribution system.

Like any other charitable foundation/institution that springs to action with their relief goods and their own distribution system every time major catastrophe befalls some parts of the country, so, too, is the Red Cross renowned for this type of humanitarian assistance, other than attending to victims of international and internal armed conflicts.

Too bad the arrogance and political interest of the mayor got the bettor of him at the expense of his hapless constituents.

If the whole town is an evacuation center, as claimed by the mayor, then why not welcome instead the help of the Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies so that distribution efforts can be done faster and a larger number of people can immediately be benefited. This is the only way that ‘fair and equal distribution’ can be achieved and not when the distribution is politically tainted, as one cannot help but surmise.

As a result, hundreds of Maribojoc residents were left hungry and disappointed after lining up for Red Cross food packs, Philippine Red Cross secretary-general Gwendolyn Pang reported.

Talking about a calamity of the spirit!


6 comments on “Calamity of the spirit

  1. This is really so sad. From the US, I only donate to the Red Cross Philippines, no matter what. It’s something I’ve learned since I was a child not to trust “well-meaning” politicians who insist that they can help the people better if the money went to them – it usually means helping themselves and their own relatives and cronies before the ones who really need it get even a pittance. Unfortunately it’s something I learned from having relatives in politics as well.

    I hope the people of Maribojoc get much needed help and that the Red Cross has returned to hand out the rations.

    • quierosaber says:

      I have lost my faith and trust in politicians, I tell you. The PDAF scam confirmed it all the more. If politics wasn’t a good business I don’t think washed-up showbiz personalities would go into politics. This is even why political dynasties exist because there is money serving the public – translated as robbing what is due to the people. The truth is that, as much as we want to see new faces to lead us in national and local governments, it becomes only an exercise in futility since the moneyed candidates always win and he or she belongs to an established political dynasty. Simply pathetic!

      • I lost faith in politicians a long time ago. Politics is just too good a business not to get one’s hands dirty, no matter how good their intentions are in the beginning. I have relatives on both sides (mom and dad sides) who were and are in politics) and have seen first hand the wheeling and dealing that goes on. The baton only gets passed on to someone in the family or political party 😦

      • quierosaber says:

        I could have stayed in the US if I wanted to in my younger days but opted early out from the military and decided to return home because of my high hopes that change for the better will come. But one could see the writing on the wall when the despot Marcos declared martial law and things were never the same again. Almost two decades of downward spiral only inculcated in the minds of the upcoming politicians that corruption can be a way of life. Marcos was the precursor of what present crop of politicians are today.

      • You are so right. But I think it also has to do as a result of colonialism – the divide and conquer mentality that the Spaniards cultivated among those that they colonized (in this case, the Filipinos) which contributes to the lack of unity among the people.

        The “I’m better than you” mentality whether it’s skin color (I’m lighter skinned than you) or race/heredity (I’m Chinese/Spanish/French descent vs pure Filipino descent) which I think can be termed bigotry (I’m not sure but will look it up).

        Just the same, no matter what the cause, it’s pervasive in the Filipino society which began during Marcos term/reign.

      • MJ says:

        @quierosaber. I also read about this over the internet. But as I read other news from other sites, I think some of the articles were not presented fairly that put the mayor in an unwanted position. I am also working with a group of private individuals that are also helping in the gathering and distribution of the relief goods. And yes, It is really important that goods are delivered directly to the legitimate recipients since we are also accountable to our donors. What the mayor wanted was just a coordination so that the distribution will be made fair to all those who really need it and avoid stampede on the site which RC failed to comply. In times like this, it is important that resources are maximized and duplication are minimized. I have friends and volunteers from other group who were there and really witnessed what happened. “RC came as if they are the “messiah”, an article says, and according to those who witnessed it, that was so true. The mayor was just protecting the dignity of his constituents, in the long run, it’s not the RC that would be there for the people till the end, its the leaders of the municipality. I appreciate RC for their help, but at least they show some respect. They were not there to distribute to beggars, they were there for the purpose of extending help to VICTIMS. Not just because RC is an established institution means they are so credible.

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