PDAF, ‘world’s worst’ airport and calamity victims

pdafAs if we have not been shamed enough as a country with corrupt politicians cum lawmakers in the multi-billion PDAF scam, now comes another humiliating report from a survey made by an online travel website, saying, that the country’s main Manila airport terminal has been named the world’s worst.

Mind you, this is the second year in a row that Manila topped the list of notorious airports in the world as surveyed by an online travel website.

“The Guide to Sleeping in Airports” website said Manila’s crowded Terminal 1 was ranked by travelers based on comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service to be the worst in the world.

Among the factors mentioned were “dilapidated facilities”, dishonest airport workers and rude officials, rogue taxi drivers and long waiting times and/or delays.

Having been built 32 years ago, I wouldn’t doubt that “dilapidated facilities” also include dirty bathrooms and malfunctioning bathroom fixtures.

But, is being “old” means that it can’t be clean or it can’t be efficient and can’t be manned anymore by responsible people?

naiaTerminal 1 officials may claim that the new survey is just a rehash of last year’s survey and that the government has already launched a 2.5-billion-peso ($58 million) renovation program for the terminal, but if the terminal is still being used to serve incoming and outgoing passengers, could we not at least keep it clean, decent, presentable and with airport terminal officials workers doing their utmost for the satisfaction of the passengers?

Not because there are three other new terminals servicing the passengers that management won’t give a damn anymore about the oldest of the terminals – especially if it is still functioning. This will all the more reflect the kind of people we have in charge of running the terminal.

What is ironic about all these embarrassments is that we are getting them as if the government is bereft of money.

What a goddamned mockery government is doing!

The country is foreseen to continue its robust economic growth in 2014 based on strong domestic consumption and an increase in investments, yet unemployment is still high and millions of people are still wallowing in poverty because government earnings, especially those coming from the taxpayers, are allowed to be squandered and plundered by no less than people we call public servants.

Thus, airports and other development projects beneficial to the people get sacrificed.

mapLuzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have had their share of catastrophic events, natural or man-made, with victims needing help and the places destroyed, needing rehabilitation.

The question now is: How soon can the people bounce back from their traumas and loses to be able to live again a normal and productive life? How soon can rehabilitation be started so business and affairs of the people can go back to what it used to be?

There seem to be an eerie silence today among the country’s national public servants who should have been the first ones to show concern about the calamities befalling some parts of the country.

Their conscience is probably being gnawed by the fact that if only their PDAF were used legitimately, that there would still be ample funds available to alleviate sufferings of the victims and rebuild the heavily damaged infrastructure.

(This blog seemed to have come full circle after posting what I wrote in August : https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/typhoon-marings-rainfall-destruction/, when I made the conjecture – “Today you are in distress, tomorrow, it will be us. That is how nature works and that is the reality we are seeing now – with more devastating effect.” Soon after the Zamboanga siege in Mindanao (man-made), Visayas was hit by a monster earthquake that to this day strong aftershocks continue to be felt, particularly in Bohol and Cebu.  – Quierosaber) 


2 comments on “PDAF, ‘world’s worst’ airport and calamity victims

  1. So sad. Not much has changed with that airport then when I last saw it in 2007, too dirty and dilapidated and I couldn’t believe that I was sitting in an international airport terminal being directed one way and then the other by people expecting bribes.

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