Blame belly fat for memory problem


bellyThis is one interesting study again that I am sharing with you.

This has caught my attention especially that I have stopped playing tennis (always opted for single matches) for quite sometime now because of my bad knees and, lately, even stopped my brisk walking exercise because it seemed to have aggravated its condition.

Having said that, the consequence that I fear most is that of developing belly fat, although I still move around a lot, but you don’t sweat as much anymore, which was what brings extreme satisfaction actually.

For as long as one has the will to control the kind and quantity of food taken in, I think I am still pretty safe from the scare of this study as standing at 5’ 9.5” tall, I am still 4 lbs short of weighing 160 lbs and has been wearing a 34-inch belt for a long time now.

The study that was reported in Live Science says that people who have too much fat around their abdomens are three times more likely than slender people to develop memory loss and dementia.

The researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago discovered that the liver and the hippocampus (the memory center in the brain) both need a protein called PPARalpha. While the liver uses PPARalpha to burn belly fat, the hippocampus uses PPARalpha to process memory. And that’s a problem for people with excess belly fat.

Putting it in another perspective, it means that if you have a lot of excess fat, the liver needs to work overtime, and once its local PPARalpha supply is exhausted, it’ll steal more from other parts of the body, including the brain.

It said that the study has placed emphasis on the risk of abdominal fat because it is linked to literally starving the hippocampus of PPARalpha.

A related study at Boston University School of Medicine revealed that the greater the amount of belly fat, the greater the brain shrinkage in old age.

Indeed, the price of getting old!

But, what I am saying here is that memory loss and dementia is inevitable in old age, but perhaps controlling the bulge will help retard the disease from setting sooner.


3 comments on “Blame belly fat for memory problem

  1. Jeff Lippi says:

    Advice well taken.There was a time in my life when I was 5′ 9”….back in the high school days.42 years later,I stand at 5′ 7”…I’m shrinking.The sore knees have been pretty good lately.Try taking systemic enzymes.They seem to be helping me.They help to keep the sinuses clear also.

    • quierosaber says:

      Me,too, Jeff. Not only that I have shrunk, when I walk I alternate being 5’9″ and 5’8″. LOL! The price of wear and tear starting with an impulsive youth. I don’t know if systemic enzymes will still do it for my misshapen knees.

  2. forestjames3 says:

    This is very interesting! I knew belly fat was dangerous but I had no idea it would affect memory and brain function. It just goes to show you how important health and fitness really is.

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