PNoy’s pride and HK’s OFWs

ofw“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” – Saint Agustine

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.” – Thomas Merton

If Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong (HK) are standing on pins and needles today over reports that their services may not be needed anymore and that they might all be sent home, then they only have President Benigno Aquino to blame.

This has got to do with the Manila hostage crisis, otherwise known as the Rizal Park hostage-taking incident, where a disgruntled police officer hijacked a tourist bus carrying 25 people (20 tourists and a tour guide from HK, and four Filipinos) in an attempt to get his job back, but which turned deadly when the attempt to rescue the hostages failed that resulted instead in the death of the hijacker and eight of the hostages while several others were injured.

Even as the incident have been investigated by both the Philippine and HK governments and determined that the rescue operation have been incompetently managed, what the HK government simply wanted, to put closure to the issue, is an apology coming from President Aquino himself.

 To this day, however, Aquino has only expressed his regret, which he once again conveyed to HK Chief Executive C. Y Leung while in Bali, Indonesia, for the APEC summit, but still unapologetic for what he says his government is not directly responsible for.

We are not talking anymore about responsibility of the crime here. The fact that the tragedy happened in the country is enough reason to apologize already.

Why the defiance?

I am sure that reports or threats, if it has come to that already, that a political  party in HK is planning to push a bill that will ban Filipino domestic helpers from working if Aquino continue his arrogance will not progress. HK residents, especially the affluent and even the not so affluent, are so used to having maids that they will go nuts without them.

But what is wrong with apologizing? Will it make him less of a president?

Yes, Malacañang is prepared for any backlash resulting from Aquino’s pronouncements not to apologize, but to say that the Department of Labor and Employment is ready to have job placements for all of the HK domestic workers is baloney. It is all hot air.

Instead of protecting the interest and welfare of our domestic helpers in HK, whose being away from their love ones is a selfless sacrifice in itself just so they could give quality life for their families, while keeping the country afloat with their earnings as OFWs, Aquino has chosen, sadly, to recompense them with more angst in their already uneasy life by shielding his stupid ego from being pricked.

The two quotes on top about pride are for PNoy to take notice of.

He seems to have forgotten his mores.


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