PDAF/DAP and the two wolves inside us

I have written a lot about the PDAF/DAP scam and the exploitative people involved, especially those whom we thought we could trust with our lives and our future by our votes, but who instead had the gumption not only to willfully defraud us, but also had the audacity to inconsiderately tolerate that the hard earned taxpayer’s money of the country’s citizens be diverted to enrich themselves and their accomplices, and to satisfy all of their selfish desires.

A lot has been said, too, by others in the print media and the social networking sites about the evilness of these two pork barrel funds, with most calling for its abolition.

But, are our cries for scrapping it fair and justifiable?

How could a government funding, which is pro-development and pro-poor, and on top of that, a community infrastructure and alleviation projects, be bad when that is all it is – a laudable project or program?

Now, when it is used as a subject or a tool for corruption during its implementation, then the recipient of that funding or pork barrel is the one corrupting the program and opening it to be corrupted by others.

That is the long and short of it.

The PDAF and DAP in themselves are not evil. Its intention, definitely, is not immoral. You only have to ask the people who have been assisted by it.

The ones making it evil are the lawmakers, who through their PDAFs make kickbacks and the president, who through his DAP spends it for political expediency.

I cannot explain it any better than what the Cherokee proverb below describe those that are involved in the PDAF/DAP scam.

native american indian proverb


2 comments on “PDAF/DAP and the two wolves inside us

  1. So true! PDAF/DAP would have been wonderful for the people or for the developments of infrastructure if they have been spent correctly or shall I say conscientiously!!!

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