Extravagance cost Chinese official his job

weddingThere is some kind of parallelism between this story and the lifestyle check conducted by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on some of their own employees and employees of other notorious government agencies such as the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

We could even say that if it is about extravagance we are talking about, then the parallelism is more evident and the lifestyle check becomes more imperative for those involved in the PDAF/DAP scam tormenting the country today.

The only difference, however, and this is a very significant difference, is that while the Chinese official mentioned here got sacked for lavish spending, in our case, we still have to see whether or not our plundering compatriots will meet the same fate especially that, unlike the low-level Chinese official, those implicated in our country are high-ranking officials and lawmakers to boot.

In the same manner that the Philippine government is instituting reforms and running after and exposing corrupt government officials, Beijing also has been stumping graft and corruption by cracking down on excessive and wasteful spending by Chinese officials.

One such official that is said to have attracted major media attention and earn the ire of top leaders in Beijing is Ma Linxiang, the deputy village chief of Qingheying in suburban Beijing, who allegedly spent 1.6 million yuan or more that $261,000 on his son’s lavish three-day, 250-table wedding ceremony at the upscale China National Convention Center.

Although Ma denied having spent that much money, claiming that the bride comes from a wealthy family of businesspeople from China’s eastern Jiangssu province, and could not stop them from inviting famous performers and celebrating extravagantly, still it went against the much publicized anti-corruption campaign, which China’s new leader’s warned could undermine the ruling Communist Party.

Indeed, this is swift justice that, while deserving for the Chinese official even without evidence that he embezzled public funds, is more appropriate for the Filipino officials in the scam with the voluminous evidences attesting to their culpability.

But, then this is the Philippines and it can only happen here the way the lifestyle check and the PDAF/DAP scam is unfolding that we have to wait, and wait, and still wait until we know who has been sacked or has been meted a jail sentence – if any.

Tsk tsk tsk!

3 comments on “Extravagance cost Chinese official his job

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    that is pinas alright.. 🙂

  2. In a short period since the the scam expose, we Pinoys have realized that a million given to each citizen is more than enough to make every Filipino a millionaire. In fact, even a billion each rather than go to the pockets of just a few.[?]

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