Parasitic twin ‘born’ from own brother

twinEven the title alone reads bizarre already.

But, because this happened in China, I don’t wonder anymore. China, being so huge and with the biggest population in the world, its share of weird stories are simply stupefying.

Actually this is not the first time I have read or heard about a parasitic twin, which is a specific type of conjoined twin that is partially formed, is not functional and is wholly dependent from the fully formed dominant twin (autosite).

The sight of it gives one the creeps sometimes depending on how the body part adjoining to the healthy, living twin looks like and where it is coming out from.

Corinne DeRuiter, in her article, “Parasitic Twins’, said, “Of the many types of parasitic twins, the most common is vestigial twins, when one individual has extra limbs or organs. The extra vestigial limbs are generally harmless to the autosite. Similarly, dipygus parasitic twins have duplications of legs, but may also have extra hands, feet, or sexual organs. An epigastric parasite describes an incomplete twin with usually just a torso or legs attached to the functioning twin’s abdomen. In some cases, there is also an undeveloped head imbedded in the autosite’s abdomen. Craniopagus parasiticus describes an autositic twin with an additional, parasitic head attached at the head. The parasitic head may also have an underdeveloped body with no functioning organs. The least understood type of parasitic twins are fetus in fetu. Fetus in fetu means “fetus inside fetus” and describes a condition in which one functioning twin has an underdeveloped twin inside of its body, usually in the abdomen.”

What was reported in China about a two year-old boy, Xiao Feng, ‘giving birth’ to a parasitic twin is simply explained in DeRuiter’s last sentence of her statement.

Doctors have been left stunned after Xiao was rushed to the hospital from his home in Huaxi village with his stomach so distended that he had begun to suffer breathing difficulties.

The surgeons removed the undeveloped fetus measuring 20cm wide who had a fully formed spine and limbs, including fingers and toes.


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