Wives of PDAF scam-implicated public servants should be like Sharon Cuneta

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada

When Sen. Jinggoy Estrada made that grandstand privilege speech in the hallowed room of the Senate to criticize the on-going probe of the PDAF or pork barrel scam and exculpate himself from being implicated, together with his mentor, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, and fellow actor, Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., it was also his plan to expose the misdeeds of some of his colleagues relative to the scam.

Feeling slighted, perhaps, that they were singled out by the whistle blowers and confirmed by COA in its special report, the thought of dragging others was so compelling to him, if only to dispel beliefs in the mind of the public that the rest of his colleagues are saints.

It did not occur to Estrada, however, that in doing so a former senator’s wife will be raising hell.

It will be remembered that among the senators Estrada tried to mire with him in the misuse of their pork barrel, be it the PDAF or DAP, was former Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

Sharon Cuneta with husband, former Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

Sharon Cuneta with husband, former Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

This accusation by Estrada did not sit well with Sharon Cuneta, Pangilinan’s wife, who upon hearing it immediately responded with a dare on her Twitter account, saying, “If anyone reading this can prove to me that my husband has stolen any amount from his PDAF in his 12 years as senator, I will give you P10 million in cash and I will leave my husband. That is how confident I am.”

Oh, my Lord, what a dare!

But, what an ethical dare coming from an, equally, upright person, who is God-fearing and a devoted and concerned wife!

Hope Kiko is just as confident as Sharon is of his honesty or else – goodbye.

Can the same be said bout the wives of Estrada, Enrile and Revilla?

Obviously not, because not one of them has reacted, like Sharon, with fury, against the serious aspersions of their respective husbands.

One cannot help but entertain thoughts on whether the pork barrel, by any name, shape, manner and form, is the reason for the creation of political dynasties.

The way the PDAF and DAP scams have hit the fan and stink I have no doubt that it is.

How could you not be enticed to join it, especially for the wealthy, and the actors who have earned oodles of money, to join politics when their ROI is much, much more profitable thereafter and, as public servants, are still addressed as ‘honorable sirs/madam’!

But for this country to progress and for the millions of impoverished Filipinos to have better quality of life, we can only wish that our public servants have wives like Sharon Cuneta.


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