CBCP official urges SC to declare RH law unconstitutional


Fr. Melvin Castro

Fr. Melvin Castro

Here we go again.

Instead of heeding Pope Francis’ recent advice or guidance for the Catholic Church not to focus so much on issues like abortion and contraception, but instead work on the need to find a balance for the followers/believers to continue being spiritually enlightened and drawn to the faith by the “freshness and fragrance of the gospel”, now comes the pig-headed Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, backsliding and doing the contrary.

Castro was reported to have urged the Supreme Court (SC) to declare as unconstitutional the Reproductive Health (RH) law.

Apparently, what prompted Castro to give an unsolicited plea was the disclosure of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada in his privilege speech that the PDAF or pork barrel was used by the executive branch as “incentive” for lawmakers to push several issues, including the controversial family planning measure.

“We would like the high tribunal to take cognizance of this serious allegation and declare the RH law unconstitutional (if) only for the fact that it was passed through bribery and through illegal means,” Castro entreated.

I do not know how well Castro knows Estrada, but does he have to take the latter’s words hook, line and sinker?

Estrada was there to sanitize his stink in the PDAF scam and in the process virtually dragged a number of his colleagues to the mess he is in, lest they be perceived by the public as paragon of decency, yet Castro considered Estrada’s own exposé as statements of truth.

How credulous can this priest be?

I would like to think that Castro is imbued with the right mores being a priest and an officer of CBCP, but what kind of sense is he showing when instead of getting the truth from a reliable source, he is imbibing instead questionable allegations from somebody purporting to be holier-than thou.

Better still, why can’t he not make his own snooping and produce his own facts to be more credible and acceptable?

If he can’t, then he should just shut his mouth.

Because the controversial RH measure is a political affair under the state, passing it into law necessitates that the state has to use public funds so that the government’s health agency can provide poor couples with contraceptives, educate the youth on reproductive health matters and improve maternal health.

This is in essence what responsible parenthood is all about and it should be left for the state to implement it and not for the church to rule over it.



3 comments on “CBCP official urges SC to declare RH law unconstitutional

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    people tend to focus on very small things and lose sight on the big picture… abortion is legal nga in italy where the pope is…

    • quierosaber says:

      Exactly. I doubt very much if what they are doing here will impress the pope as much as they want to, the country being a catholic bastion in Asia.

    • wilfred basquial says:

      You are right and right their where the cradle of the big pope is fastened…

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