Solis, ‘Sottoism’ and the pork barrel scam


Mark Joseph Solis

Mark Joseph Solis

The photo plagiarism that has mortified Mark Joseph Solis and his family for nearly a week now, hopefully, would change the youngster’s attitude towards achieving his goals in life – whatever they may be.

Solis’ gross faux pas must have wired back to order his sense of propriety that, indeed, in life one need not be foxy to succeed or to get ahead, especially if one already has a good head on his shoulder, but simply to follow your conscience and do things “como Dios manda” (as God wants it).

Being young, Solis has still plenty of time to atone and redeem himself and try achieving honors once again, this time by legitimate means, to assuage the hurt feelings of everyone in the family, especially his mother, Amelia, and to assure them that he can be trusted again.

Although Mark’s apology did not make an impact on Gregory John Smith, from whose work Mark lifted a photo that won in the 2nd Calidad Humana National Essay Photography Competition organized by the Chilean Embassy with the theme “Smiles of the World”, Smith, however, showed understanding and compassion when Amelia, the mother, apologized for her son’s transgression. (Please open link for more on this:

Because of this, it is only fitting that we put closure to the case and allow Mark to move on. I am sure the trauma he has inflicted on himself and his love ones will never be repeated.

Sen. Vicente Sotto III

Sen. Vicente Sotto III

The same cannot be said of Sen. Vicente Sotto III, from whose name the word “Sottoism” was coined to mean plagiarism, when he was accused of translating to Pilipino language portions of Robert F. Kennedy speech delivered in South Africa in 1966. (Please open link for more on this:

Expressing remorse is seemingly beyond Sotto’s senatorial perch, as he even dragged the good and revered name of the late John F. Kennedy himself, claiming that the latter has also plagiarized the “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country …” portion of his 14-minute speech, delivered at his inauguration on Capitol Hill on Jan. 20, 1961.

Unlike Solis, you cannot teach old dogs new tricks anymore, so why put closure on Sotto’s case? Sometime in the future it is bound to happen again.

What Solis and Sotto, before him, has done are all scams in any manner of speech, but the scandalous and outrageous of them all is the pork barrel scam that has implicated some congressmen and senators of the realm.

pork barrelThe pork barrel scam is causing uproar in this country, but the way justice is moving to solve the crime committed by the high and mighty of this land against the taxpaying Filipinos is simply distressing and deplorable.

When grandstanding sets in among those investigating, there is no telling when this will end or when closure can be made, so the country can move forward again and those found guilty will be meted with the right sentences.



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