Zamboanga conflict taking Fun out in the Philippines


logoWith the Zamboanga conflict still unsolved, there seems to be a deafening silence from the Department of Tourism (DOT) in promoting tourism and proclaiming to the whole world that IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

I have written a few blogs about the country’s tourism slogans, both past and present, and expressed my two cents worth of opinion about them. An example is this link:

Suffice to say that the latest slogan, a brainchild of DOT Sec. Ramon Jimenez, has not been able to convince me totally that it is, indeed, a tailor-made slogan for the country as I find it too exaggerated and pretentious.

What made me skeptical about it is the adjective used to describe the fun – ‘MORE’.

How could it be MORE FUN compared to other countries in the region when fun is relative?

I think when you make a pitch for tourism, the gist is on the allure of the place – what is captivating about it that you get ‘seduced’ to visit it and get awed by what makes it the country that it is.

That is the essence of every country’s tourism propaganda.

We can be a fun country, why not? But, that IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES is certainly not the case.

Our uniqueness as a country, dubbed as The Pearl of the Orient Seas, is tantalizing enough for a foreign tourist to book a flight and experience the sights and sounds of the place.

One can even be awed by the country’s internal conflict in Zamboanga City, perhaps, unbelieving that it could happen in an exotic place like the Philippines.

But, MORE FUN is not what it is. Not to the Zamboangueños. Not even to some of our brother Muslims. And, certainly, not to the freedom-loving Filipinos.

So how could it be MORE FUN, generally, in the Philippines?

Let me tell you when IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES:

When dust settles down in Zamboanga City, Nur Misuari, Habier Malik and the rest of the rebels are either dead or captured and jailed with no discussions of mercy whatsoever.

When prosecution of the PDAF scam goes unhampered, and, in fact, fast tracked, so that most of the senior citizens in this country can still witness Janet Lim-Napoles, Tanda, Pogi and Sexy and the rest of the culprits involved being found guilty and meted out with sentences that will see them incarcerated and disgraced from their lofty and mighty positions.

When PDAF will no longer be a milking cow of corrupt lawmakers and other shameless public officials.

When political dynasties will be a thing of the past. (Hopefully without no longer any PDAF, as suggested, creation of dynasties among the wealthy politicians stop.)

When ridiculous thespians can only be seen in the small and big screens and never in the Halls of Congress.

When stupid people stop giving celebrities elective positions.

 Lastly, when MORE is removed from DOT’s overambitious and stilted Philippine tourism slogan.


2 comments on “Zamboanga conflict taking Fun out in the Philippines

  1. I think I’m more proud to say, as an Igorot, It’s more fun in Baguio and Benguet!!!

    • quierosaber says:

      That I agree and you can say it countless of times and exclusively for Baguio and Benguet!! Sure glad to hear from you again!

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