Stop coddling Misuari, find him and jail him

Nur Misuari: the man behind the Zamboanga siege.

Nur Misuari: the man behind the Zamboanga siege.

So much ado has been given about Nur Misuari’s disappointment or despondency, if you may, that he and his MNLF faction has been left out in the existing Bangsamoro Framework Agreement between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), thus, the siege in Zamboanga City.

Even former President Fidel Ramos has stepped in, saying, he is dismayed by how the government handled Misuari’s group saying the 1996 final peace agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) signed during his administration was not properly implemented by his successors.

I do not know if it is still clear in the mind of Ramos that two years before his term ended in 1998, and after the government was able to sign the Final Peace Agreement with the MNLF, with the help of former strongman Gaddafi of Libya, dispute ensued within the MNLF while Misuari was governor of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) to supervise the implementation of the peace pact.

A faction that later became the MILF was established taking umbrage at the way Misuari was managing the affairs of the ARMM.

The MILF showed defiance and its leadership bent on fighting for secession and this forced Ramos to start having exploratory and preparatory talks with them.

After Ramos’ term ended, the low-level negotiations pushed through under the new administration of President Joseph Estrada.

The MILF’s continued militant posturing and its defiance to a ceasefire agreement did not sit well with Estrada, who declared an all-out war against the MILF, which by then were arrogantly and fiercely controlling Camp Abubakar and several other government military camps.

This was Estrada’s proudest moment, who said: “When I raised the Philippine flag in Camp Abubakar, that marked the end of conflict and the beginning of lasting peace in Mindanao. We fought for peace and achieved peace through the all-out war, on our own terms and without tolerating the demands of terrorists and secessionists.”

Not only was sovereignty and territorial integrity intact, but the MILF leader then, Hashim Salamat, left the country and sought refuge in Malaysia.

Lasting peace it never became because Estrada did not stay long after People Power 2 ousted him from the presidency.

When former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took over the presidency, she resumed the Ramos administration’s policy of talking with the MILF. At the same time she removed Misuari from his office as ARMM governor and was arrested in 2007 on charges of terrorism. (

Ironically, and for political expediency, Arroyo started wooing Misuari again as an election candidate  – despite being accused by her government of involvement in the deaths of 113 people.

If that is not coddling, I don’t know what is.

The rest is history

The only reason why I am bringing up the subject of Misuari again is to say that he is already passé. As an individual, he has always been self-centered and that is all there is to it. It consumes him that he is no longer being talked about.

For people to say that he continues to be relevant after all the villainy and crime he has committed against people and country is total nonsense.

Stop coddling Misuari. His rightful place these days is to be in jail.

One has only to see the pain and misery etched on the faces of the suffering people in Zamboanga running in panic with their families away from their flaming homes with an uncertain future, to describe what a monster Misuari has become in old age.



2 comments on “Stop coddling Misuari, find him and jail him

  1. penpowersong says:

    Let us not forget that IT WAS CORY AQUINO WHO INVITED MISUARI BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES IN THE SPIRIT OF RECONCILIATION. A big mistake! Marcos with the help of Imelda practically immobilized Misuari in the Middle East, particularly in Libya. Let us not also forget that the people concerned voted in a plebiscite that they do not want to join the secessionist “republic” of Misuari. In a seemingly rigged election, he became the ARRM governor – an effort on the part of the government to give him a chance to put into practice his “leadership” in which he failed because not even a single infrastructure, even good roads in Jolo, his hometown, materialized during his term. He was supposed to have been questioned about the budget that he was allowed to handle. I do not know what happened to the investigation. Because of pride, he just cannot take the fact that he, professor, a supposedly learned, has been sidelined in favor of the leader of MILF who was his former subordinate. Now, even his colleagues in MNLF do not look up to him as their leader.He has become a mere leader of a faction. The government must fulfill their commitment to arrest Misuari so that he can be charged with rebellion. I just hope this promise uttered by the president himself shall be substantiated.

    • quierosaber says:

      Since Zamboanga erupted I have never missed a day asking all the saints in heaven to intercede and help get his ass hanged. It has been almost 20 days now and still gunshots are heard, no peace in sight and neither Malik nor Misuari is in the military’s radar. I believe in Divine intervention, so I think in time these two evils will fall and parts of Zambo rebuilt. Yes, I hope so too about PNoy’s utterances.

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