Prayers for resolution of Zambo conflict and PDAF plunder case

A wounded soldier in Zamboanga standoff.

A wounded soldier in Zamboanga standoff.

To this day there is no resolution yet in sight on the Zamboanga conflict as government forces continue to battle the MNLF rebels belonging to the faction of Nur Misuari. I do not know what is taking the AFP so long in defeating this rag tag, secessionist army of bandits and murderers.

Somehow we can’t help but look up to the heavens and ask for Divine Intervention, so those in government managing the conduct of this war will be enlightened and guided to make correct decisions in their coordinated efforts to end the crisis, to alleviate, nay, stop the sufferings of those affected by Misuari’s foolish and evil adventurism.

Today also marks the day that plunder charges have been filed against alleged P10 billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles, Senators  Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Revilla Jr. and Jinggoy Estrada, and former Rep. and now Masbate Governor Rizalina Seachon-Lanete and former APEC party-list Rep. Edgar Valdez. 

Unbelievably, the charges were based on, it said, around a million documents that were brought to the Office of the Ombudsman in two closed vans from the Bureau of Investigation (NBI) headquarters Monday afternoon. The NBI gathered its evidence from testimonies of the whistleblowers, the Commission on Audit (COA) Special Audit Report, and documents gathered from COA, the Department of Budget and Management, Securities and Exchange Commission and implementing agencies of the PDAF  projects.

The complaint alleges that Napoles took the PDAF of  the lawmakers implicated and channeled it to her bogus non-government organizations (NGOs).

pdafIt must be remembered that during his testimony before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, pork scam key whistleblower Benhur Luy said lawmakers received kickbacks from Napoles to up to 50% of the funds disbursed in exchange for selecting the Napoles NGO.

Now that this high profile case is with the Ombudsman, and even as this scam is being investigated by the Blue Ribbon Committee in the Senate headed by Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, one can’t help but also look up to the heavens for Divine Intervention so those in charge of prosecuting this case will find strength, determination, courage and the ability to be able to convict the rascals the soonest possible time, based  on the voluminous documents and testimonies of witnesses, so the nation can move forward with the citizens satisfied and fulfilled at the way the wheels of justice has move – this time, favoring the will of the people.

It is in the light of these two cursed and unfavorable events besetting the country and its citizens today that I call upon all religious leaders to come together and offer prayers of faith that lasting peace and stability will, once again, reign in Zamboanga City with the criminals placed behind bars, and the PDAF scam investigation by the Ombudsman will be a victory for the people, when it finds the culprits guilty without any iota of doubt, at the soonest possible time.

Those who were behind the Million People March should resurrect themselves and be in the forefront of these prayers together with their respective religious leaders and it should be relentless so pressure could be felt by government that we, the people, expect no less than Napoles being put behind bars to rot and the lawmakers, especially those having the moniker of Tanda, Pogi and Sexy booted out from the august pedestals of the Senate.

In both tragic and lamentable events – in the streets of Zamboanga City and the halls of the Senate – the individuals deemed to have committed evil deeds simply didn’t possess the compunction and the conscience to have violated the rights of others, but instead enriched themselves scandalously leaving mired in poverty the poor and the marginalized in our society, while still bearing the yoke of corruption on their tired shoulders.


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