Napoles and lawmakers in PDAF scam are two of a kind

napolesThe PDAF or pork barrel scam controversy is so mind-boggling in its implications, both in quantity of the amount and the quality of people involved, that it has not only stirred the curiosity of Filipinos, but has also elicited some amount of outrage for having been gypped for a long time.

As one considered by many as the mother of all scams for its gravity, venality and impunity, it is not only about Janet Lim-Napoles, therefore, that we want to an update of, as frequently as possible, but we are also interested in knowing matters relative to others incriminated, especially the lawmakers.

This is sending a clear message to government and to all concerned that this national scandal brought about with the help of public officials is being watched and monitored closely by the people, lest it will follow past scandalous cases committed by government officials that until now are awaiting verdict.

The  future of this nation is at stake with this PDAF scam, and that being said, it is important that the sooner this monstrous issue is resolved, the better it will be for the Filipinos.

What we must all remember is that some of the lawmakers allegedly involved in this scam are potential presidential or vice presidential candidates in 2016.

Thus, for government not to fast track the investigation of this shameful and contemptible PDAF scam and arrive at a resolution before 2016, will be doing the Filipino people an utmost injustice.

lawmakersThese ambitious lawmakers are no better than Napoles, who is accused of masterminding the alleged multi-billion peso pork scam. Napoles has found no better partners in crime than these unscrupulous lawmakers who have used the people’s money for business shenanigans.

Talking about two of a kind!

What I am simply saying is this: Divine Providence has finally interjected in our favor and for our cause, thinking perhaps that if He will not do it now, that we will always be too good, too trusting and so confident in our political leaders that we shall always be regarding them as do-gooders for their constituents, but in reality has been putting their self-interest over and above those whom they have promised to serve honestly and honorably if elected.

God really work in mysterious ways, like creating a whistle blower in Benhur Luy.

Now, let us do our share of making things happen the way we truly want it.

If we cannot trust some of these ambitious lawmakers with their PDAF, should we trust any of them to handle the reins of government in 2016?

Or should we continue having them as our representatives and senators of the realm?

Or, for that matter, shall we continue supporting and patronizing their dynasties?

Wake up, people!


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