A call for Napoles to start her confession

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has recently suggested that Janet Lim-Napoles should start confessing truthfully everything she knows about the controversial P10-billion pork barrel fund scam, in view of the supposed threat on her life due to her knowledge on the alleged involvement of powerful people.

Whether or not Santiago has an ulterior motive for suggesting it, because she wants to see one of her colleague, a known enemy, to squirm for having been mentioned as one of those who provided funds to bogus NGOs from his pork barrel allocation, the fact remains that recent developments on Napoles incarceration show that she could just be right.

“Any adverse event could prevent Napoles from fully identifying the senators and congressmen with whom she had PDAF transactions.  For example, any of the suspects could hire operatives to silence her, or she might inflict physical damage on herself.  She might contract a life-threatening ailment,” Santiago said.

Santiago went on further to say that Napoles “should avail of a procedure called perpetuation of testimony under the Rules of Court.”

It is the procedure for “preserving for future use any witness testimony that might otherwise be unavailable at trial,” she said.

The procedure is part of what the Rules of Court call “deposition and discovery,” which is intended to take place before trial, in order to assure that the evidence will be preserved when trial begins, even if something happens to the witness.

The environment Napoles is in today is so bizarre to her or, macabre, if you may, which means shockingly repellent or inspiring horror.

After living all these times in the comfort of mansions, retinue of servants and servings of exotic foods, how else would you feel if all of a sudden you are forced to live a spartan life?

Exactly just like how she is feeling today, with blood pressure rising up to 180/150, unstable blood sugar count, anxiety attack causing her to be claustrophobic, and an array of more health issues ensuing.

Napoles should thank that she is living in a house – a house certainly bigger than most of those marginalized people that she and her accomplices in the pork barrel scam had been gypping all these years.

Basing on the COA report alone and succeeding reports about this high profile anomaly that have been coming out in media, how people wish she would spend time inside the real prison – behind bars.

So, before someone gets her or before she gets incapacitated, she should start confessing. Her testimony is so substantial, so valuable towards what direction this nation is going that we can never, ever, forgive ourselves if something adverse happens to her.

I, therefore, could not agree more with Miriam.

Government should heed her call.


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