Angara defends senators embroiled in PDAF scam

angaraFormer Sen. Edgardo Angara has been reported to have criticized media, and for that matter the public, too, for the uproar both have created and continue to create over the PDAF scam that forced fugitive scammer, Janet Lim-Napoles, to surrender for fear of her life, and who is now confined at Fort San Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Angara claims that because of the ‘media-induced frenzy’ and the people’s adverse reaction towards it, that most lawmakers had been unfairly “prejudged”.

What made it even worst, according to Angara, is that the controversial issue has been immediately labeled as “scandal”, which should not be, he emphasized, as it already tarred lawmakers as “evil” and non-government organizations (NGOs) as “fakes”.

The problem with Angara is that he thinks and believes that senators and lawmakers are the most righteous public servants in government and can do no wrong.

Whom are you fooling, Mr. Senator?

Sometimes it makes me think that the words ‘greed’ and ‘corruption’ have made it to the dictionaries because of politicians, more specifically, Filipino politicians.

You can call the scam controversy by any other name, yet there is no denying that something has to smell fishy when names of some senators and congressmen are being mentioned using public funds – people’s money – being funneled towards a bogus entity deceptively describing it as NGOs, which is suppose to benefit the marginalized in our society, but which, in reality, is wretchedly manipulated by scammers like Napoles so it could be diverted to only God knows where!

When you see people being disgusted and scandalized, not only by the sheer size of the amount involved and where it went, but also of unscrupulous people participating, whom many think are ‘honorable’, just as COA Chair Grace Pulido-Tan made that facial expression upon citing the special report on pork barrel releases from 2007 to 2009, then one can only feel outrage.

Angara, therefore, has no right lecturing us about whom to believe and how we should feel about the whole thing.

He says that NGOs had been allowed as beneficiaries of government funds even before martial law (1972).

I have no problem with that, but we are talking here about legitimate NGOs and not those picked out from the air. Even if, as he claims, that the Department of Budget and Management had made it a point that only government agencies or local government units should be allowed as implementing agencies (IAs) for a “practical reason”, still, whoever hands out an assistance fund that huge to an NGO, especially if it is hard-earned money of taxpayers, any politician worth his or her salt should make a follow-through knowing whether or not the money was put to good use. Not because you did not sweat earning that money that you would just entrust it to people like Napoles.

It is a hell of a lot different when you are an incorporator, stockholder and board member of an NGO that you are helping, like Angara’s  Kalusugan ng Bata, Karunungan ng Bayan Inc. This is where Angara stands head and shoulder in astuteness over his former colleagues. He made sure his PDAF won’t go anywhere else but to his own interest.

Since the others tarred as “evil” are not like Angara, they become questionable and their integrity debatable.

So, what is the noise all about?


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