US access to Philippine bases is for our peace of mind


Subic Bay

Subic Bay

With China’s growing military might, its intransigence and hegemonistic ambitions in the world, to include the whole of South China Seas (SCS), an on-going territorial conflict in the region that is beyond our capacity to protect what is ours and the safety of some of our citizens is becoming very much a reality that puts us, as a nation, at a disadvantage.

As much as it concerns the Philippines, in particular, for China military vessel’s continued presence, showing arrogance and force in preventing Filipino fishermen from fishing in what is considered the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) as prescribed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the US, in general, is expressing also grave concern over China’s aggressiveness and continued military buildup in the region.

Unfortunately, China has shown no respect for UNCLOS, putting its historical claim of the SCS over and above any other conventions on the law of the sea.

Of course, this does not sit well with the US, which has national interests in freedom of navigation, open access to Asia’s maritime commons and respect for international law in the SCS.

Reasonably, it does not sit well for the region is very important to America’s economic, strategic and security interests.

It is in this regard that talks are going on between the US and Philippine Defense Departments for the use of the bases for US troops, ships, aircraft and other equipment to pass through.

This development should be taken positively by all Filipinos for our own good.

We must remember that we are no longer in Andres Bonifacio’s era where we have to wield bladed weapons against the aggressors in our fight for independence.

Even when we are now in the 21st century, the more that we are incapable and inutile to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity because we have remained poor and powerless against other smaller, yet much developed nations, but more so against giant China whose economy and military mights  are seen to be catching up with the US.

Let us not pretend we can do it on our own standing up against China because rhetoric/words alone won’t stop Chinese bullying and aggression on its track.

We may possess the courage and heroism that the Filipinos are known for, but what good will martyrdom do if from the start you already know that all will only be futile exercise.

We have known the Americans for a long time now – the good, the bad and the ugly.

But, I would rather have this type of ally helping us contain peace, order and stability in the SCS and assuring us of our safety and security from some evil forces who violates human rights with impunity, has no compunction of their misdeeds towards a sovereign nation and who continue to arrogantly pursue to satiate their wicked desires, than have it the other way around.  

Somehow, it gives us peace of mind.


10 comments on “US access to Philippine bases is for our peace of mind

  1. Jeff Lippi says:

    Another alternative to having U.S.A. presence in the Philippines is for the Philippines to start stockpiling chemical weapons.This tactic just might sober the Chinese up a bit.Your wonderful neighbor to the north,North Korea,allegedly has the technology to make the chemicals and also the warheads to deliver them.It may be worth your while to strike up a friendship with them.You won’t have to worry about the U.S.A giving you grief about this…….at least,not until the oil fields in the disputed ocean waters are fully developed and producing a profit.Then,we’ll go in for the kill.

    • quierosaber says:

      It really looks like the common denominator in all of this is the rich mineral resources underneath, which the Chinese more than the Americans seems greedy to have it all. But of course America is there, what else, but to partake. As for ‘chemical weapon’, the Chinese are already ahead unleashing it by way of their chemically tainted food and toys being dumped especially in third world countries.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks for sharing this link. Every news we are reading and hearing now, either from or against the Syrian government, are high degrees of propaganda or psychological warfare that leaves outsiders in quandary especially when you see deaths all over , including children. It really wrenches your heart. This report has to be verified competently and comprehensively before decisions are made to interfere against the Assad’s government. Very complicated issue, indeed, that could change yet the course of history – for the worst – if and when America decides to get into the picture.

      • Jeff Lippi says:

        I really don’t know what to say as I sit here shaking my head after listening to news updates and enduring everyone’s opinions posted here and there.If the USA gets involved….this is going to be a big mess.One advantage that our alleged opposition has is that they know we are war weary and are being very vocal about it.Same thing happened in Vietnam….the North knew the government was being cornered by the anti-war activists and all they had to do was bide their time.All the different factions in the Middle East are aware of this also.We have generals that are not vehement about attacking because they know it’s going to be a mess and their reputations are at stake.We’re not sure when we will attack if we decide to attack.That gives our alleged opposition plenty of time to change the landscape.Weapons and supplies are more than likely flooding in to the alleged opposition from all over.As far as I’m concerned….any move that the USA makes will be the wrong move…..except for one…..leave them be and pray for the innocent victims.Death is imminent regardless of what decision is made.

      • quierosaber says:

        Sometimes it is hard to turn your back and pretend to ignore the reality that you are and continue to be a great, powerful nation – the bastion of democracy and with leaders who have always uphold the basic rights of freedom and liberty. In modern history you have always been known to have defended the oppressed with American lives being sacrificed. All freedom loving nations are aware of this and thankful. That is why with limited participation and no boots on the ground, I am afraid that both Democrats and Republicans in your congress will rally behind your president. It seems like that is the consensus. I hope it will not get any worse than that. I think what Russia and Iran are mouthing are just all bluff and bluster so that they could continue with whatever evil desires they have without being stopped, too.

  2. Jeff Lippi says:

    Well….so far they are talking about a 90 day limited attack….no ground troops are supposed to be involved.The USA and the rest of the world are going to find out if the USA still has what it takes to be running the show.Times are changing and the big shot countries at the United Nations are going to have to stop vetoing each other and start to sort things out.When you get a moment……do some searching on the USA invasion of Grenada back in 1983.There’s plenty of websites out there that touch upon it,and you will read different versions of what happened there.I’d like to know what you think.

    • quierosaber says:

      It appears to me like what is happening now in Syria is more of the same reasons of past events where American got involved in war because of poor intelligence gathering. Either that or getting embroiled for strategic or economic reasons.

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