Flagpole as a nation’s pride


Hallowed grounds of Luneta Park

Hallowed grounds of Luneta Park

Question: Tell me, since when has a flagpole been a nation’s pride?

Answer: Only now, and it can only happen in the Philippines!

I tell you, unless somebody shows me that another country on planet Earth has designed and erected a flagpole in their midst to fly their national emblem for self-esteem at the equivalent cost of P7.87 million, then, gladly, I will apologize.

Until then, I say, you guys at the Department of Tourism (DOT) are not doing any better in giving justice to the Filipino people by instilling in us a false sense of pride by claiming, nay, asserting the importance of Philippine history through a 150 feet high flagpole costing an extravagant P7.87 million.

What has an expensive flagpole got to do with our history.

Yes, I agree that to raise an extra large size flag emblematic of the country’s history at the hallowed grounds of Luneta Park necessitates a sturdy flagpole, but does it have to be that expensive?

Yes, I understand that it needs already a mechanical devise to help man raise the huge flag and a solid foundation to hold it in place, but does it have to be unreasonably high-priced?

Even if the restoration project has gone through a public bidding, as claimed by DOT, what makes it reasonable?

They say the P7.87 million is also earmarked for the removal of structures, reinforcement of steel bar, concrete works, carpentry works, tile works, pole and casing and includes further expenses for construction safety and health, project billboards, construction site fence and field office construction.

Has there really been a study on this or are we just after the bragging rights that the Philippines has the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art flag raising mechanism of the tallest flagpole in the whole world?

Is it the tallest?

Why, is the new designed flagpole also going to be a tourist attraction?

Talking about false sense of pride, indeed.

Note that the flagpole project drew attention and immediate criticism from the public after seeing the project billboard during the “Million People March” called upon to show outrage against the PDAF or pork barrel scam.


9 comments on “Flagpole as a nation’s pride

  1. Jeff Lippi says:

    Obama is a fairly tall guy.We would have given him to the Philippines at no charge.Let him hold the flag.Syria….another fine mess he wants us to get into.Oh God.

    • quierosaber says:

      It is now in the hands of Congress. If it will happen like the UK, then it is a no-go. It is really a complicated issue that may just conflagrate the whole region if not thought out will. But, really, it should have been Assad that needed to be stopped and not Hussein. But that is neither here nor there now. Good to hear from you again, Jeff!

      • Jeff Lippi says:

        For one thing,Assad wasn’t wild about the idea of becoming president of Syria.A series of unfortunate circumstances in his family put him where he is now.He was quite happy studying medicine in France and living with his educated,sophisticated wife.It makes me wonder how much he is controlled by other influencing factors in his country,such as the military and wealthy businessmen.It’s not a complicated issue if the USA keeps out of it.It’s a civil war…..and who really used the chemical weapons is much open to debate.I don’t think Assad is stupid enough to do it unless he was influenced by other countries to draw the USA into this mess.It could be Russia,Iran….who knows.Putin is a sly fox and I like him in many ways.He knows the USA is in the midst of a lot of damage control with all the security leaks being exposed.He’s playing his hand.After communism came to an end,Russia was refused financial aid to restructure their economy.I don’t think they are happy about that.Iran has endured a lot of turmoil,and love them or hate them…..they are standing strong.And exactly what will happen if Assad falls.There are a lot of rebel factions in Syria and not one of them likes us.We’re helping replace one so called enemy with another enemy.The people of the USA are not one bit happy about this situation and want no part of it.

      • quierosaber says:

        Totally agree with you. It was seen as Assad’s fault at first for not stepping down amidst cries for him to step down, but the more adamant he was in his position, the more trouble ensued that the situation only worsen. It did not help that Russia and China stood firmly by Assad. The equation is simply insolvable now.

  2. Jeff Lippi says:

    These countries,including you know who,act worse than a bunch of bickering old maids.

  3. penpowersong says:

    The almost 8M pesos to be spent for the flagpole is enough to build two clusters of low cost housing complete with electricity and water connections or two school buildings. DOT should be investigated!

  4. penpowersong says:

    Instead of concentrating their attention to this flagpole thing, the DOT should exert its effort in properly coordinating with concerned agencies that are in charge of public toilets and urinals, instead of leaving this responsibility to the MMDA alone. It seems something is wrong with the promotions and planning of the department.

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