Life so precious that Napoles surrenders

Janet Lim-Napoles surrenders

Janet Lim-Napoles surrenders

The picture says it all.

No longer appearing acrimonious and arrogant, as the public has been used to seeing her, now Janet Lim-Napoles’ composed demeanor, as she awaits the arrival of President Benigno Aquino to surrender herself to him, belies the true feeling she had been harboring since the P10-million bounty was announced by no less than the president for any information of her whereabouts.

Napoles knew that, more than sooner than later, the huge prize money for her head will work like a charm in smoking her out, including the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), which according to reports had earlier got a hot tip where she was hiding and were ready to serve her warrant of arrest.

The Priority Development Assistance Fund (DPAF) or pork barrel scam, said to be the brain-child of Napoles and allegedly in connivance with some of the country’s lawmakers, had been getting hotter and uglier by the day and with the outrage shown by the people it was not doing Napoles any good hiding. The more she hid, the more she became fearful for her precious life and, obviously, the lives of those shielding her.

Thus, yielding to the president was the safest and prudent way to go and she opted for it considering that she had dragged with her powerful political personalities whom she evilly enticed and corrupted.

Lawyer Lorna Kapunan said her client surrendered for fear of her life.

“There are really people who want to keep her silent permanently,” Kapunan said.

And for a reason. Nobody wants to be called an ill repute person, much more when you are in public service.

This humongous amount involved in the scandal she created and perpetrated all these years with the alleged participation, either wittingly or unwittingly, by some senators and congressmen, at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers, is not considered the ‘mother of all scams’ for nothing.

Now, the question in everybody’s mind is whether or not Napoles will be made a state witness in this scandalous people money’s scam?

Let us not even talk about it, for chrisssssake!

After depriving the country and its poor citizens for what should have been due them in terms of development, benefits, welfare and improvement in the quality of life, she is instead being considered under the witness protection program if she divulges the name of those who connived with her?

I say, let her name names and extent of their participation and prosecute the bastards, but let her precious life rot in jail, too, for overly enriching herself and her family by deceiving and defrauding the Filipino people.

It is not as if she is just the ears, the eyes, the middleman or the mouthpiece of this mind-boggling hocus-pocus of the public funds, if one has to determine her guilt.

Napoles is on top of the pyramid. She is the brains, for crying out loud!


2 comments on “Life so precious that Napoles surrenders

  1. penpowersong says:

    The 10B in question in just a drop in the bucket of anomalous people’s fund spending by the unscrupulous government officials. Napoles is just one of the instruments of these officials. She and the rest of brokers served as fund conduits. I think Lacierda had no courage to tell the reporters that had Malacanang told DOJ or NBI about the surrender arrangement of Napoles, the transaction could have failed because of the presence of internal connections in these agencies. Another scenario is that, had either of the NBI or DOJ “touched” Napoles, either of them has the right to insist for custody. And, what will happen next is expected – Napoles escaping with the help of armed men. Remember what happened to the raids conducted by government agencies to drug laboratories. Kapunan is right when she said, nobody could no longer be trusted, hence, the surrender has been arranged with the office of the President.

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