‘The million people march’ versus the PDAF

scamThe gathering of a large, determined and peaceful crowd, like ‘the million people march’ movement, being called upon by the organizers to show solidarity against the scandal laden Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel is a very strong signal to political leaders that the citizenry has finally awaken and is up and about in fighting corruption in government.

While size and unity is important in giving strength to the movement, what matters most, however, is that it has to have the character, the power and the leadership to make it sustainable.

Thus, it is not just enough to be a number in the crowd, but what is critical for the success of this noble movement is that, now that it has been started, it shall continue monitoring its progress, never letting up or slackening in the drive for the abolition of granting taxpayer’s money in the form of pork barrel to lawmakers in the upper and lower House of congress.

These unscrupulous politicians, who love to call themselves ‘public servants’, have done so much injustice to the Filipino people for so long that it is time for them to reform their evil ways and be more responsible, transparent and accountable for anything they do that is intended for the citizens, especially the marginalized ones.

As the people power revolution dethroned the despot Marcos and brought back democracy in our midst, so, too, should our expectations be that ‘the million people march’ movement will start reforming and transforming our so called’ public servants’ into ‘servants leaders’ and truly serve the interest of the country and the welfare of its people.

It is about time we do away with patronage politics. Doing away with patronage politics is doing away with the immoral ‘debt of gratitude’ between political leaders, which translate to the adherence of the pork barrel scheme in the guise of PDAF

Indeed, the opportune time has come for a change, but not just for the political leaders of this country.

The fact that ‘the million people march’ has been conceived and realized by well meaning netizens, in coordination with and cooperation of important sectors of society, to include the religious groups, also means that we, the public, are ready to make changes in the ways we participate in the political process in this country, especially during elections, when we are given choices as to whom to vote to be our leaders in the executive and legislative branches of government.

Let “the million people march” movement on August 26, fittingly coinciding with the celebration of National Heroes’ Day, be remembered as the turning point in the Filipino people’s quest for responsible leaders and good governance.


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