Cardinal Tagle cries over pork barrel scam


Manila Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle

Manila Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle

‘Heartbreaking’ is how Manila Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle described the controversial pork barrel scam that has allegedly implicated five senators and 23 congressmen.

Because of this Tagle was reported to have cried, perhaps, out of frustration that honorable lawmakers were involved, and urged that the alleged P 10-billion scam be thoroughly investigated.

“Who will not be shocked with these reports and with the magnitude of money involved?” Tagle said, adding that it’s as if his “heart is broken into pieces.”

“Can one really do this to one’s neighbor? Can one really stomach causing this kind of damage on the country?” Tagle, reportedly, said in a media briefing.

With all due respect to the good cardinal, I don’t blame him for speaking out his mind about this scandalous act committed by the so-called ‘honorable gentlemen’ from the higher and lower Houses of Congress, but he should just cut out this melodramatic act in both words and deeds, as if similar scandals, and even worst, are not happening in the Catholic Church.

The public already knows how crooked and corrupt our politicians are, and if ever some are called ‘crocodiles (buayas)’, it is because they carry this reputation.

Does it surprise the people, therefore, that a number of senators and congressmen are, once again, implicated in a scam? Not really, especially that this time, it involved their individual monstrous pork barrels.

What I am simply saying is this: because of a politician’s unfavorable reputation of being greedy and corrupt and because of their political influence, it is very likely that they will succumb to the temptation of committing immoral/evil deeds.

The same cannot be said, however, of priests, and yet, money scams and moral perversions have been affecting the men of the cloth in the past, at present, and, surely, will continue to happen in the future.

And this is why I am saying that Tagle should not be so theatrical about the pork barrel scam.

I have written a couple of blogs before, if only to show examples of what I am talking about, and asking, has anything been done about it? Please check the following:

Cardinal Tagle also challenged politicians whose names have been dragged into the scandal to immerse themselves with the poor through visits to slum areas.

In retrospect, wasn’t Tagle just echoing the earlier statement of Pope Francis when he said: “Today, and it breaks my heart to say it, finding a homeless person who has died of cold, is not news. Today, the news is scandals, that is news, but the many children who don’t have food – that’s not news. This is grave. We can’t rest easy while things are this way.”



One comment on “Cardinal Tagle cries over pork barrel scam

  1. penpowersong says:

    I fully agree to your observation about Tagle’s threatrics. I am sorry but I am not convince by those “tears”. I find his actions all put ons. His facial expression is even more irritating. Why can’t he be original? Why can’t he lambast the hypocrites who fill the church every Sunday? He cannot beat Cardinal Sin when it comes to sincere pronouncements and actions!

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