Interesting survey by Pew Research Center


united-states-china_0Pew Research Center, as described in its website, is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

Pew just released a study relative to the world’s view/attitude towards the U.S. and China as contending superpowers, but while the survey is global in scope, I would just like to mention here the opinion of the 37,653 people in 39 countries questioned which matters most to Filipinos.

According to the survey, twenty-eight of the 38 nations surveyed viewed the U.S. in a favorable light (not including the U.S.), while only 19 of 38 nations felt the same way about China (not including China). However, 23 of the 38 nations surveyed said China is already the world’s top superpower or that it will become so in the coming years.

While the U.S. got mostly positive ratings in Europe, parts of the Asia/Pacific Region, Latin America and Africa, quite predictably, the U.S.’s images is most negative in parts of the Muslim world.

China was viewed most favorably in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Predominantly Muslim nations also viewed China very favorably.

As far as the Philippines is concern, the survey showed that 85% of Filipinos favors U.S. over China.

Filipinos also view the US as a partner more than an enemy, with 81% of respondents answering in the affirmative. Three percent said the US is an enemy, while 13% said the US is neither.

Filipinos also “overwhelmingly think the US considers their interests,” the survey said.

Filipinos surveyed also said the territorial dispute with China is a “very big/big problem,” with 90% of respondents saying so. It is the highest figure among the countries included in the survey with ongoing disputes with the country.

According to Pew, China’s growing military might is also an issue for a strong majority of Filipinos (68%).

The Pew also showed the following results:

  • 90% of Filipinos think the US has a great deal/fair amount of influence in the Philippines, compared to 69% saying China has the same influence on the country.
  • The US is seen to have a better influence on the Philippines in general (78% for US, 35% for China), and particularly on the economy (87% for US, 53% for China).
  • Only 13% of Filipinos said it is important to have strong ties with both countries; 77% believe ties with the US are more important, while only 6% said ties with China are more important.
  • On personal freedoms, the US gets high marks from Filipinos (91%, the highest among all countries surveyed), while the view on China is divided (51% said China respects its people’s freedoms, 44% saying it doesn’t).

Wonder if militant groups in the country see the essence of this survey.

What this means for us is that it is safer to be holding on to the coat of the devil you already know, than to side with the devil who bullies you and treats you with disdain, as early as now, by wantonly claiming, occupying and exploiting your own and your neighbor’s resources.

2 comments on “Interesting survey by Pew Research Center

  1. Eastland says:

    “Filipinos also “overwhelmingly think the US considers their interests,” the survey said.” I found that to be the most interesting. I’m pretty sure the US has its own interests as first priority, and if those mean Filipinos benefit, so be it. But “considers” is not as strong as support, so maybe they are right.

    • quierosaber says:

      Wherever they are welcomed both superpowers have, undeniably, vested interest in the host country. But the survey is right that compared to China, the US shows more interest/concern for the welfare of the country and its people.

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