‘Snail facial’ for vanity


Live snail facial therapy

‘Live snail facial’ therapy

The world cannot deny that it is awash with beauty products – all for the sake of vanity.

If it wasn’t for the eye of the beholder, producing beauty products, operating beauty clinics and spas, doing cosmetic procedures, etc., etc., it wouldn’t be a lucrative business.

But, for as long as new and fresh products on the shelves promises youth for older women and glamour for younger women – softer lips, dewy skin, pretty hair, hot nails and whiter armpits – vanity will always triumph.

They say that ten years ago there was only Oil of Olay promising to erase fine lines and wrinkles. Now you have microdermabrasion products, Retinoids (think Retin-A, which isn’t just for acne anymore), antioxidants and peels, which makes one look like an alien while it is being artfully applied.

Today, more than ever, the anti-aging industry is controlling the lives of the vainglorious.

There is no telling what else to come in the form of beauty treatment in the future, but for now the newest trend is happening in Japan and it is called the ‘live snail facial’ therapy.

Hailed as an elixir for youthful and beautiful skin, the treatment involves a therapist placing live snails directly onto the faces of reclining clients and allowing the mollusks to move at random, leaving trails of mucus slime in their wake.

According to the spa operator, the secreted snail mucus is key to the facial, as it reportedly contains a beauty-boosting cocktail of proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which help skin retain moisture, reduce inflammation and remove dead skin, thereby giving you a younger-looking, beautiful facial glow.

The treatment starts with the customer’s face being washed before the snails are gently placed on the cheeks and forehead and allowed to move around the whole of the face as they please.

Customers who have tried it say that the snails feel heavy, cool and slightly ticklish on the skin, but they vouch a feeling of youthful healthiness, where their faces feel cooler and plumper, after the strange slimy treatment.

No need to worry about the snails going near the mouth, as an attentive assistant is always there to nudge the snail away should that happen. For those who do not like the sight of the snails they can always close their eyes while the session is on.

This treatment is followed by a series of massages, masks and electrical pulse machines using creams infused with snail mucus to ensure that the live secretions fully penetrate the skin.

The spa, in the Ebisu district of Tokyo, is currently home to five resident snails, kept in a small clear container where they are fed an organic vegetables, including carrots, Japanese “komatsuna” greens, spinach and Swiss chard.

My question is: If this weird facial/beauty treatment becomes a fad in the Philippines, could the Japanese snails be used since it, too, leaves even more trails of mucus slime in their wake?

The more the slime, the better?



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