Identical twins met after 41 years


twin2-1-522x293It is stories like this that always thrill and inspire me.

Whether it comes early or 41 years later, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that these individuals have beaten the odds and you can only thank God that somehow somebody has been made a vehicle to make things happen at the right time and at the right place. It is not only a welcome surprise, but also an amazing confluence of events that describe clearly what fate is all about.

Zeng Yong and Liu Yonggang, both 41, were born twins, but got separated when their mother gave them up for adoption in 1972 because she and her husband were very poor to be able to support them. They were taken by different families.

Sometime in June, a friend of Zeng Yong, who has now taken up residency in Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan province, went to Neijiang, a 200 km prefecture-level city southeast, and meet a man whom he described was identical to Mr. Zeng.

Curious about his friend’s story, Mr. Zeng, a hotelier, traveled to Neijiang, home to close to four million people, to see the man for himself.

Amazingly, on meeting Mr. Liu, a junior manager at the city’s bus company, he realized, undeniably, he was his long-lost twin brother.

twin1-1-522x293Since being reunited, the brothers have tracked down their estranged 74-year-old mother.

She is living in Jiangning, an administrative district in Nanjing, China, having remarried after the death of the boys’ father a decade earlier.

The twins’ story has proved popular on China’s Sina Weibo, social media website.

One user commented: “People nowadays can’t understand the helplessness of parents in that era of poverty.

“Keeping children at home meant leaving them to die of starvation … I hope they are both happy.”

Mr. Liu’s colleagues at the bus company have organized a party to celebrate the reunion and welcome the new family members to Neijiang.

This is just among the many amazing stories of twins being reunited and happening all over the world.


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