Rid embassy officials abroad of scalawags and human vultures

ofwsIt is bad enough that many of our womenfolk are venturing outside the safety, familiarity, love and comforts of their homes for better pay and improved future for themselves and their families by having a job abroad.

But, the feeling of being in a strange world and amongst people of different culture can become worse and hellish when the country’s embassies, which are nearest to home in foreign lands, and our compatriots manning it, who we consider our families, become the very places and people that exploit and defile our own existence and persona instead of being our guardians in a safe houses.

Such is the essence of the exposé made by Akbayan Rep. Walden Bello for which he is calling upon government to investigate the alleged “sex-for-repatriation” scheme involving abusive Philippine embassy officials and some of our hapless female overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Bello is now joined by Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senators Pia Cayetano in prosecuting the culprits.

The Vice President said his office will help ensure that the complaints are immediately acted upon.

“I encourage those who know of any abuse or mistreatment inflicted on our OFWs to report these cases to me so my office could extend them the needed assistance,” Binay said.

I hope those who have been victimized now or sometime in the past by embassy scalawags and human vultures abroad will be tough and strong enough to come out so these scum of the earth shall face the consequences of their hideous actions.

“If in fact the allegation of ‘sex for repatriation’ is true, then this is one of the worst cases of exploitation that have befallen our OFW women,” Cayetano said in a statement.

“When those who are tasked to protect our women are the very ones who perpetuate such a ghastly and disturbing act, then these predators should be charged, jailed and banned from holding public office,” she added.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, after meeting with Bello, has said that he already ordered the 3 alleged sex “predators” to come home and face investigation.

Bello’s exposé mentioned that 3 Philippine embassy staff in Jordan, Kuwait and Syria allegedly sexually abused and prostituted distressed OFWs in exchange for repatriation.

What bothers me really is that this scandalous and monstrous atrocities committed by the country’s embassy staffs against some of our distressed OFWs have been going on for sometime, based on del Rosario’s statement that “some of Bello’s information complements reports his department received.”

For crimes as serious and as inhuman as these, does one have to wait for an exposé to be made before getting rid of the scalawags and human vultures abroad that prey on their own people, leaving them hopeless and miserable?


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