Hero-dog Kabang soon to return to country


Kabang plays with new owner, veterinarian Anton Lim

Kabang plays with new owner, veterinarian Anton Lim

When I last blogged about Kabang, the hero-dog from Zamboanga, Philippines (https://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/hero-dog-kabang-returning-home/), I mentioned that her estimated departure from the US would be mid-May.

Perhaps necessitating more treatment and care, Kabang was not able to depart on time.

Now that all the surgical procedures have been completed that included removal of the dog’s two upper teeth, the reconstruction of an eyelid damaged during the accident and correction of the dog’s facial injury, all these undertaken after treating her heartworm disease and an infectious cancer, now Kabang is set to finally return home.

Although experts led by Professor Frank Verstraete of University of California (UC) Davis failed to reconstruct Kabang’s face, what is important is that the dog is now safe from further infections as the facial wound has been closed

“Because it was not possible to reconstruct Kabang’s snout and a functional upper jaw, the energetic young dog will never look like she did before her accident,” UC Davis said.

Home, however, may not be the same again for Kabang.

Rodolfo Bunngal, whose daughter and niece Kabang served, has surrendered ownership to veterinarian Anton Lim, who was responsible for bringing the dog to US Davis in 2012 with the help of Karen Kenngott, a critical care nurse from Buffalo, New York, who spearheaded fundraising for the dog’s welfare via Care for Kabang in the internet.

Bunggal nonetheless sent a thank you note via Care for Kabang to doctors, donors and others who helped his dog recover.

Thus, Kabang, the hero-dog will start a new life, in a new place and with a new owner who is more capable of caring for the dog, considering the latter’s predicament.


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