Election results stun Osmeña, Young

Osmeña and Young

Osmeña and Young

It has been nearly a week now since Cebu City rejected the Osmeña-Young tandem in favor of the Rama-Labella ticket for mayor and vice mayor, respectively, and the result continues to stun Tommy and Joy that to this day they haven’t conceded defeat yet.

In the first place, the Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) candidates still do not know what hit them after believing of their partnership as invincible in a place where they thought was an Osmeña country.

In the second place, having been in power for so long, defeat could only come if there was cheating in the polls, and since defeat is an embarrassment and hard to swallow for the presumptuous, the only way to show that you still have face is to contest the result, which both losers are doing.

To claim that they were defrauded or that the glitches of the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) machine did them in is a lame excuse in an election exercise where every stakeholder made sure that it was going to be peaceful, orderly and transparent.

For Osmeña and Young, who think highly of themselves, but whose political antics, arrogance, sycophancy and conspiracy for their own and their party’s interests have earned them the antipathy of the people, defeat is a bitter pill to swallow.

Rama and Labella

Rama and Labella

Sympathy went to Rama and Labella because the city electorate saw that despite the obstruction and the hard time the Osmeña-dominated council was giving them, they were sincere in their efforts to carry on their programs of good governance, which had the interest of the people and the city foremost in their minds.

The city electorate also found Rama and Labella pleasant, friendly and approachable and very much unlike the pugnacious attitude of Osmeña that has started to rub on his sidekick, Joy Young.

At the end it was more a choice of whose tandem had greater promise of better servant-leaders:

          Those who will work for the interest of Cebu City first and the South Road Properties (SRP) second, or

          Those who will work for the interest of SRP first and Cebu City second.

Clearly, Cebu City residents has handed the verdict.

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