Day of reckoning for Soc and Joavan


talisayThe day of reckoning for Talisay Mayor Soc Fernandez and adopted son, Joavan, has finally arrived.

For Soc, having a member of the family who is now being hunted down and considered Talisay’s public enemy number one is not only a sickening and devastating reality for a father, but also a deliberate insult to his persona as a public servant, in no less than being the mayor of Talisay.

The question now is: Would Soc finally come to his senses and, as a father, public official and preacher, find his errant son and convince him that the most reasonable thing for him to do now is to come out and surrender?

For Joavan, who has now reached the apex of his notoriety as public enemy number one, after countless brushes with the law, would he easily give up the coveted title now and surrender?

Joavan bolted his detention cell on the pretext that he was going to talk to his wife and children, who were visiting him late at night and on the day that he made bail for his other cases, but was kept from posting bail for illegal possession of a grenade the last time he was apprehended.

What made his escape a mockery to the efforts that the police gave in locating Soc’s errant son and putting him behind bars for the satisfaction of the residents in Talisay is when he used a government-issued vehicle as his getaway car.

The latest Joavan caper is being excitedly, yet apprehensively followed by many.

The manhunt is on and the police has taken the law into their hands as they described Joavan as armed and dangerous.

Acting Talisay police chief, Supt. Elmer Lim, calls it “a free for all operation.” Certainly, a quite scary, ominous description of what is to happen if Joavan fails to surface peacefully.

Perhaps, reality has sunk into Soc’s head now that despite the fact that he wanted to project an image of a responsible public official and a righteous person in spreading the word of God, yet he has failed in all of them for his inadequacies in bringing up his son to be an exemplary person has been a human fiasco.


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