The tragic Bangladesh disaster

The sad image of a final embrace in the Bangladesh garment factory disaster.

The sad image of a final embrace in the rubble of the Bangladesh garment factory disaster.

The photo posted here in the wake of a frantic search for survivors after the eight storey Rana Plaza complex collapsed speak volumes of how tragic an accident can be when it occurs in third world countries.

The complex apparently housed five garment factories for Western retailers who have taken advantage of the impoverished country’s cheap labor and goods produced.

It is said that Bangladesh’s $20-billion textile industry accounts for nearly 80 percent of the country’s exports.

One could just imagine, therefore, how full and busy the factories were with workers trying to earn their meager salaries when the building collapsed.

The disaster near the capital Dhaka is said to have been triggered when generators were started up during a blackout.

For running generators to cause the collapsed of an eight story building could only mean that, structurally, the building was not strong enough and the materials used were inferior, brought about from cutting costs in all floors at the expense of safety.

The tragic accident was bound to happen sometime, as it did on April 24, when the whole structure could not finally withstand the vibration the generators were causing.

One can only blame the unscrupulous owner of the building and the equally corrupt contractor.

The death toll has climbed to over 1,000 already after rescuing a woman who survived 17 days buried in the rubbles.

Following the April 24 disaster, it has been reported that the Bangladesh government has shut down 18 more garment factories for safety reasons.


2 comments on “The tragic Bangladesh disaster

  1. Apolinario B Villalobos says:

    Although we don’t have such factory-buildings in the country, we have fireworks factories and cramped dilapidated old structures used for the same purpose. I shudder with the thought that the same thing could happen in the Philippines.

    • quierosaber says:

      I know what you mean, that is why permits and periodic safety inspection are important and should be done scrupulously.

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