More on Erap and his Manila mayoralty quest

Manila mayoralty candidate Joseph "Erap" Estrada

Manila mayoralty candidate Joseph “Erap” Estrada

As if the Sandiganbayan’s (rough translation: People’s Advocate’s) decision against former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada was not enough for people to shun him if he runs again for any public office, after the court ruled him as guilty of plunder and sentenced him to reclusion perpetua, now comes another damning article that should awaken the Manila and suburbs electorate as to why they should repudiate Erap’s candidacy as Mayor of Manila.

To this day I wonder why Filipinos continue to believe that a person like Estrada has the moral ascendancy to hold public office even if he was booted out unceremoniously from the presidency and declared guilty of plunder, as charged.

That he was pardoned by former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is immaterial. It does not change what so ever the verdict. Most importantly, it won’t change who Estrada is as a person.

What I am sharing with you here is my rough translation of an article, Ibalik si Lim na Mayor ng Maynila, written by Atty.  Jay de Castro in his column, Magkaisa para sa bayan, which you can read in this link:

Re-elect Lim as Mayor of Manila – Erap

“I could never forget Mayor Alfredo Lim. That is why, today, I am asking for your valued support for our friend, Mayor Fred Lim, as mayor in this coming election.

Mayor Fred Lim has already been tested here in Manila. He has a long experience. He is true to his obligations. He cannot be bought. He could not be bribed. He has principle, he has conviction, and he is not afraid! When he was serving as Mayor of Manila, never has his name been involved in any anomaly.

During Mayor Lim’s term, the law is for all. There is no rich, nor poor, everybody is treated equally. That is why for the future, for progress, and most of all for peace in the city of Manila, let us re-elect Fred Lim as Mayor in the city of Manila.”

What have been said above are all words of former President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada, when he endorsed the candidacy of Mayor Alfredo S. Lim as Mayor of Manila during the 2007 Manila mayoralty elections.

 In all of Erap’s pronouncements and beliefs in Lim, why has the direction of the wind changed and the former president is now challenging and attacking the good leader of Manila?

Do you know that the cause of this is due to garbage only? That’s the truth and that was admitted by Erap himself during his interviews on TV.

Last year Erap asked Mayor Lim for the contract of the collection of garbage for the whole city of Manila. This contract involves hundred of millions of pesos yearly.

When Lim told Erap that the hauling of the city garbage has been awarded already to a contractor and that there were still some months left in the contract, and that the contract is done by public bidding yearly, Erap got mad and said that in their city in San Juan, whomever the Mayor wants the contract to give, it goes, and it is followed.

Lim said that they are just following the law in Manila, and if Erap wants to get the contract of the garbage, that he should let his contractor participate in the bidding and if he could offer the lowest bid then the contract will be awarded to them.

Lim’s refusal did not sit well with Erap and for him to follow the laws on public bidding and this is why he decided to run against Lim so that he will win and will be 100% in control of the millions of pesos garbage contract and the other contracts made by the country’s capital.

So there you are and let’s stop fooling ourselves.

Let us stop recycling clowns, nincompoops, swelled heads, pretenders and corrupt operators for we only end up as the big losers.



2 comments on “More on Erap and his Manila mayoralty quest

  1. Apolinario Villalobos says:

    Thanks for this mind-opening information. I did not know how the feud came about until I read the fact – that the contract for garbage collection did it all. Actually, I have doubts on the sincerity of Erap. But I pity most, Isko Moreno who had been feeling “safe” that is why he forgot all about ethics every time he boldy bad mouths Mayor Lim. This early Isko is already showing the makings of a “trapo”. Poor Isko!

    • quierosaber says:

      Must be hard going against your mentor. Isko stupidly parlayed his good looks, humble beginnings and promising political future for something that has made him an ingrate, arrogant and corrupt beside his idol – Erap. Birds of the same feather, that is what they are.

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