North Korea continues to rant

North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un

North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un

This is one country whose leader is truly behaving in the most absurd way.

It is simply giving credence to the fact that Kim Jong-Un has not mature yet as an individual, but more so as a leader of a rogue nation, where the impulsiveness of youth is getting the best of him, especially that he is being treated like god by his military minions.

He has been seen as a chip off the old block as he continues his recalcitrant attitude towards leaders of democratic countries, especially those that are staunch supporters of South Korea.

The Korean peninsula has been in a state of heightened military tension since the North carried out its third nuclear test in February.

Incensed by fresh UN sanctions and joint South Korea-US military exercises, Pyongyang has spent weeks issuing blistering threats of missile strikes and nuclear war.

Peace initiatives from South Korean President Park Geun-Hye and the US seem to be falling on deaf ears prompting South Korean and US forces to be on a heightened state of alert for days now. Even Japan has deployed Patriot anti-missile systems around Tokyo and promised to shoot down any missile deemed to be a threat.

It was reported that the missiles mobilized by the North for a possible launch are reported to be untested Musudan models with an estimated range of up to 4,000 kilometers (2,485 miles).

That would cover any target in South Korea and Japan, and possibly even US military bases on the Pacific island of Guam.

Kim effigiesBut, what is ridiculous about all these blistering vituperation and ominous threats of war is Jong-Un’s gung-ho attitude and continued ranting against the people in South Korea when he saw them burning effigies of himself, his father, Kim Jong-Il and his grandfather, NoKor’s founding leader, Kim Il-Sung.

This show of strong protest by the South Koreans against NoKor leadership was purposely coincided with the birthday celebration of Kim Il-Sung, which is considered a major national holiday.

Because of this seemingly inappropriate show of reverence towards Kim Il-Sung, NoKor’s military threatened the South with imminent “sledge-hammer” retaliation, unless Seoul apologized for anti-Pyongyang protestors burning effigies of its revered leaders.

Condemning what it described as a “thrice-cursed… monstrous criminal act,” the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Supreme Command issued an “ultimatum” threatening immediate action if an apology was not forthcoming.

“Our retaliatory action will start without any notice,” it said in a statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency

“The military demonstration… will be powerful sledge-hammer blows at all hostile forces hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership,” it added.

Indeed, pretty strong words that must have elated and bloated Jong-Un’s ego!

But, why get upset about the burning of effigies? That is done all over the world by the aggrieved who wants to make an emphatic statement of disgust. That’s an international symbol of showing revulsion.

If Jong-Un thinks Seoul will apologize, he must be kidding himself.

And the ranting continues.


4 comments on “North Korea continues to rant

  1. Jeff Lippi says:

    Although the possibility of anything ever happening is next to none….what really irks me is that that the taxpayers of my economically strapped country are paying for all the preventive measures that have had to be taken to show NoKor that we are ready to defend ourselves.This is such a waste.We pay enough taxes already.

    • quierosaber says:

      I don’t blame you. Not only financially but in terms of lives too as has been happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. But that is the role your country has been playing – protecting freedom and democracy – and making sure that there is stability in this world. Hard to imagine the consequences if the USA is not there to lead.

      • Jeff Lippi says:

        You have a good point…..I guess it’s better to have the USA knocking on your door than having China or Russia doing the knocking….but a bit more harmony in the world would be greatly appreciated.It would be great is weapons and differences,and greed also, could be put aside and all strive for the common good.Let’s explore the universe and unravel the mysteries and find out what we’re all about.

      • quierosaber says:

        Exactly! You may not be able to solve all the problems in this world but at least you are there to contain it and prevent it from destroying the world. It is only the big, the rich and the powerful that can led and fight evil in this world. Your country has been blessed to be that.

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